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(Sorry about no posts yesterday, Internet went out.) This article is all about the click bait, why people use them, and you might be stunned on what you learn from this article.


You may see Buzzfeed ad where it says something about how a trick is about the same as magic, when in reality it doesn't work. Maybe, one of your favorite stars back then were young, but when you saw them now, they looked all grown up. (The funny part is, they don't even show the person they had put on the thumbnail of the article!) As far as I know, Wikinut's articles are not like that, and it really is annoying when some websites bait you into clicking into whatever trash that they had made. For all of you that are confused, this is really called click bait. This is a trick most popular websites use to gain revenue easily, however they pay the price of their respect and return visits for extra revenue. This revenue is short-lived, until they make more articles.

Held at gunpoint/Benefits both of them.

Another good reason they do it is because not only are they getting some moolah, the website that hosts them do, too. This is why you may see some websites with click-bait all the time. Using basic advertisement, you hardly make any money out of your revenue, and when the only thing fuelling the website's longevity is ad revenue, some websites are forced to use them. Pretty much, I have to admit, that is a pretty smart idea, and it is a hard deal to really turn down. Its like holding a gun at someone's head to make money off of that person, because it is almost guaranteed you will get what you want. So with this click bait, they will manage to get a revenue that will allow the site to live, and some more money in the other website's pockets.

What is the most common type of click bait?

More examples of click bait are usually the lists. Lists literally pay WAY more than one single page, because every time you move a slide, that is the equivalent of someone viewing a page. Therefore, those top 40 lists of hot celebrities will literally give them a LOT of revenue. One sweetener they like, but nobody else loves is when they nudge the page a bit to make you accidentally click an advertisement in order to gain revenue, which REALLY does bump up their revenue really well. (They usually use other sites for this, so that they will make a better profit than just advertising on their own click bait site.) Therefore, I would easily guess that if 100 people looked through a 50-slide article, that's 5,000 views in total, which does bring about a few dollars of revenue, and that's just 100 people! Now, imagine if 1,000,000 people looked through the 50-slides!

What type of bait do they put out?

Most of them are usually a way to catch the male's attention. Pretty sexist if you ask me, but the main reason for that is because it is pretty easy to please a male, lets be honest here. With that coming from a male, there is some articles that are like "13 signs that a girl is actually into you!" which shows things that even someone with no romantic experience would have came up with. Sometimes, even the items they show up there are actually false, which is sad. Others like "40 sexiest breasts of celebrities" are mainly for males, but can also be for lesbians, too. Some are for females, such as "Best products for hair" (Pretty much, imagine a person that would think of a typical thing a female does, then they start to write an article about it.)


Click bait is literally just something an article writer uses so that they grab attention from people that are busy doing something else. Therefore, if you are watching stuff on an anime site, don't be surprised to see stuff about females and anime, cosplay, and the list goes on. If you are on a gaming website, you will more than likely see some articles like "This new video game will be the game your friends want!". This technique is called ad sniping, but the problem is, its more like using an assault rifle as a sniper. Mainly because it may not be as effective, but it can work in certain conditions. So in general, there is nothing wrong with click bait, but it isn't right to where you must put it on a video so that someone will listen to your playlist of video/music. Put a picture of naked girls one more time, I dare you. (I would make your eyeballs go in your mouth, but I am not that violent anyway.)


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I had no idea abou any of these...thanks for the info!

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