Suicidal Ideation

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An essay about suicidal idealation. and how to deal with it. It seems a mixture of confidence in in the health care provider through mentoring and drugs.

Suicidal Idealation

Determination of the presence of suicidal or homicidal thoughts or actions must be determined in every responsive patient with an altered mental status. If the patient believes it is safe to confide in the health care provider, this information is usually forthcoming when an inquirer is made. If such a situation is thought to exist, then, while obtaining psychiatric consultation, one should initiate security coverage to safeguard the patient and staff from an immediate acceleration of the thoughts into action. This one-to-one coverage also is important because it prevents the patient from leaving the protected environment of the institution until an appropriate disposition can be made. In the interim, while the psychiatric situation is in the flux the practitioner can help defuse the acute situation by supportive measures. The VVV system validates, ventilate, venture hope of recovery, and can be extremely helpful in this context. The provider allows the patient to ventilate his/her thoughts and feelings and then validates the reality of the patient's problems and ventures his or her impression that the problems and situations that precipitated the crisis are amenable to intervention.
The most significant initial problem in these cases is engaging the patient and developing a trusting relationship with him or her. This process is facilitated by using the help system. The provider continuously states that the patient needs help, that help is provided, and more help is on the way. By the physician using the word help again and again, the patient, who in reality is frightened and looking for help, will begin to respond positively to the intervention. When all else fails and the patient is displaying accelerating agitation and paranoia, a show of force is necessary. In this procedure, a team approach is used to place the patient into four-point restraints. This team consists of a leader and at least five other persons who can immobilize the patient if he/she does not agree to go into restraints willingly. The time that a patient stays in restraints should be monitored and reassessed frequently because the patient can develop pressure necrosis from the devices used and he/she may aspirate vomitus in the immobilized supine position. Thus, as soon as the patient is secured, a course of chemical restraints is initiated using intravenous short-acting neuroleptic agents, such as haloperidol, and sedation with a short or intermediate-acting benzodiazepine, such as loraepam.


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