Suicide... A definite solution to your problems?

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Problems are a part of life. What life without ups and downs? But when a problem becomes serious, does death provide a permanent cure for it? Is life so meaningless?

An attempt to suicide

Lets just say my exam results come out and after all those sleepless nights, I end up getting average marks. What do I do next? Commit suicide? Easy way to attain peace wouldn't you say? This is exactly what the lady seemed to be saying...

She had consumed poison the minute she got to know that her husband was cheating on her. She'd been married for ten years now and they had two kids. Their's was a love marriage and she had lived happily with him until a year back. She had noticed that suddenly he'd gone from the nice, understanding husband to a rude man who abused her for little things. He started staying away from home. He became an alcoholic and then he even started physically abusing their sons. Slowly but steadily, he was turning into a monster and she had no clue why.

One day she decided to speak to him directly. She went up to him and asked him why he was behaving this way. He looked at her squarely and asked her to stick to her business. She didn't give up. She asked him the same thing again. She wanted to know if it was because of her. He suddenly roared in anger and threw her down the staircase. She was badly hurt but the tears that were streaming down her cheeks were not caused by her wounds...

A month later a friend called her. "I saw your husband with another woman. They weren't behaving appropriately. Maybe you should check." she said.
She was shocked. Her world had crashed down in a matter of seconds. She wanted to know. She wanted to know the truth.

He came back that evening, totally drunk and untidy.
"Who were you with?"
"Why do you care? Its MY life."
"I'm your wife. Tell me who you were with."
"Looks like you already know. I love her. I don't have anything for you any more. I need a divorce."
She stared at him for a minute as the truth of the situation hit her. She then ran to the kitchen and did what she thought was her only way to peace... She swallowed rat poison...

She was in a critical condition when she came to us. It took us hours to bring her back. We weren't sure we would be able to save her but by god's grace she lived.
"Are you nuts lady?" I asked her. "You really think your problems will go if you die?"
"You know nothing doctor. You would have done the same if you were in my position."
"You kids told me the story. And believe me. I would have thought of my kids before doing such things. Not in a million years would I leave them in the hands of a monster!"
She looked at me, her eyes shining with tears.
"I didn't think of anything at the moment doctor. Everything lost meaning when he said that. Divorce? How am I supposed to live?"
"So you decide to die? Look at the world around you. Women don't depend on their husbands any more. Stop cribbing and wake up! Make a life of your own! You're lucky that you're still alive... Now make use of this second life of yours..."

And so she did... Within years, she had a home based food company of her own. Cheers to the spirit of a woman!


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I've just entered the field of medicine and already I'm in love with it! There's so much to know about your own body that it can put you at a loss for words! All I want to do is share the same...

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author avatar jenny1015
30th Jul 2013 (#)

In all honesty, I have also thought of taking my own life when I was in my lowest point. And I am just lucky it didn't really end my life.

When we see people who would commit suicide because of their problem, we would think that it is so unfair for them to just take away their lives from their loved ones. Indeed, no problem can be solved that way. But in the mind of the person who attempted suicide, it is his last resort to end the pain. In his mind, he may not be able to find a solution, but he would also not want to live and feel all the hurt.

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author avatar Elsie
30th Jul 2013 (#)

Dear jenny... In the place where I work, I see people praying to god so they can live for a few more days. People like these are the ones who end up dying because of disease. On the other hand, there are people like this lady who give up their life just cause of that one minute of despair. Life deserves a little more respect don't you agree?

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author avatar jenny1015
30th Jul 2013 (#)

Yes! And we can only life once, so we must make the most out of it. People just need to accept the fact that life is not perfect no matter how much we make it perfect. Trials are sure to come along the way. And instead of putting ourselves into that dark hole, we must take it as a challenge for us to make ourselves a whole lot better.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
30th Jul 2013 (#)

I think thoughts of ending life comes to all but most just brush them aside as foolhardy. But there are times when all doors seem to shut on our faces and we feel no one cares. That is indeed a grey area for most. When one is suffering from an incurable disease with unbearable pain, things can push us to do the unthinkable. But we should stop and count slowly to ten and then life becomes worth till the final moments - siva

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author avatar Elsie
30th Jul 2013 (#)

Exactly!!! Life is too good to sacrifice!

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
30th Jul 2013 (#)

It takes a desperate act to take your own life , but I believe there are evil entities around us pushing us to that point when we are in such a low state . We cannot judge or moralize when one feels so unhappy that they do something so irrational , just hope that they will pull through , as was the case here , thankfully . Rejection and divorce are terrible experiences when you still care for the one who is leaving you . I know, I have been there , and if it wasn't for the Lord helping me through , I may not be here today ....
Bless you Elsie.
Stella ><

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author avatar Elsie
31st Jul 2013 (#)

Dear Stella its so nice to read your words.. Thanks so much for the comment...

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