Summer of content - chapter 8

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A fictional account of relationships and problems in a farming village called Thorn Grove

Remingtons to the rescue

What's that?" asks Josh as the relative peace and quiet of the Remington household is disturbed by the sound of a huge thud coming from the front door. Remington, who is in his study going over some invoices, takes off his gold-rimmed spectacles and shouts from down the hallway: "I'll check it out I think it's someone knocking on the door."

Remington is already in his pyjama slacks and ambles along. "I wonder who it can be .. this late?". Remington has to fidget with the door to pry it open. "Damn lock .... must get it fixed," he says to himself. And, when he eventually forces it open, Remington is momentarily stunned by the sight that greets him. He stands frozen in the doorway, at a loss for words. The shock vibrates through his body. "Oh my ... J-O-S-H! J-O-S-H!.... hurry son!!!!!".

Josh is lying on his bed reading a comic. He had dismissed the noise as a
neighbouring farmer, who had probably come to see his father about the ongoing problems on the farms. His father's anguished cry, jolts him up from his bed and Josh hurtles down the stairs and into the hallway before reaching the lounge. Josh throws his hands to his head: "MILLIE ... M-i-l-l-i-e ... what ... hap ..?". Remington is carrying Millie's limp body into the lounge. Josh is finding it difficult to make sense of what is unfolding before his eyes. His father is cradling Millie in his arms. She is covered in mud, water and bits of grass are stuck to her body. There is a gash on the side of her forehead and she is having difficulty in breathing. Remington, after negotiating the initial shock, manages to stay calm in a frenetic situation. "C'mon Josh ... stay calm let's get her on the couch ... ".

Josh realises the urgency and first parts Millie's hair so that it falls neatly besides her head and says: "Oh Mille what happened to you ...". Once safely on the couch, Remington checks her vital signs. His time in the army, where knowledge of first aid was a prerequisite, is being put to good use. "She's breathing alright ." With one hand on Millie's pulse, Remington says to Josh: "Just loosen her shirt a bit to help her breathing." Josh is the one who seems helpless with shock and all he is doing now is making sure he takes instructions. "Josh fetch a wash cloth, towel, blanket, smelling salts in the cabinet, a dish of cold water and one of your T-shirts .. make sure the water's not freezing cold."

Remington, though calm, is worried about Millie as he is still trying to assess what happened to her. He wonders if there are any internal injuries, besides the gash on her forehead. Josh returns with the items, and asks: "How is she now dad?" "She is breathing son, but I'd like to make sure there are no internal injuries." Remington, puts the towel carefully around her torso, and carefully puts Josh's T-shirt over her head ... "She needs warmth now ... Josh ... Please keep the damp washcloth on
her forehead." Josh is now overcome with worry: "Please Millie don't die... please don't." Remington knows he is in control of the situation and says: "Don't worry son .. she'll be okay."

He wraps her warmly in the blanket. She is breathing easier now after the smelling salts have been applied. "I'm going to phone Doctor Stuart to come over, while we
keep her comfortable .. he will better know what to do," says Remington.

Doctor Stuart, who has been the Remington's family doctor for at least two decades is busy examining Millie, who is still showing little signs of movement. He runs his hands over all the joints, to check for any broken bones, inspects her eyes, and as well as her head carefully. He monitors her pulse for a long while and says "..ehrm... it looks like a bit of mild concussion ... nothing too serious but the young lady is going to need rest as it seems her body has been through some shock." After giving Millie a jab .. Dr Stuart writes out a prescription. Remington asks: "So no need to worry then doc?" Stuart with prescription in hand looks at Remington and says: "I won't say no need to worry, but she'll be okay once she gets the rest she needs." "She is on a mild
sedative now to work off the shock ... just make sure you get this prescription at the chemist tomorrow .. the sooner she takes these pills the better."

Dr Stuart locks his bag and heads towards the door saying: "She'll be fine ... I must be off now... contact me .. if you think there's a need to."

As Remington accompanies Stuart to his vehicle, he has to pull up the collar of his jacket to ward off the effects of an icy wind. The moon's out .. but thick cloud overhead in the night sky dulls the light it emits. A rather eerie look to the scene, that reflects the situation in Thorn Grove.

It's 10pm and Josh is still sitting at Millie's side. "Look dad .." says Josh quite excitedly. Remington's in the kitchen making some hot chocolate for them. He rushes into the lounge area, to see what Josh's fuss is about. "Look dad .. she's moving." Millie moves ever so slightly and a slight murmur comes from her lips: "Where am I?" Remington hurriedly puts the cups of hot chocolate on the mantelpiece and kneels down next to Millie. He softly and carefully strokes her forehead: "Don't worry Millie .. you're fine .. you're fine, just a small accident .. you're safe now... rest now, my child ...." Millie, as if obeying his voice, just slowly drifts into sleep again. Josh and Remington know the signs are very good for Millie's recovery, but are aware that she will need plenty of rest.

In between sipping their hot chocolate, Josh who is staring ahead of him, says: "I wonder if it's safe to be around Kowsloski ...he is nothing but a coward of a drunkard.." Remington purses his lips careful not to be too judgemental. "Now son I know you are worried and angry, as I am, but let's find out first what happened .. and take things from there.." "Come let's finish our drinks .. we've all had a rough night .. let's retire so that Millie can have a good rest too." Josh with a worried expression responds: "Yeah dad, I think it's a good idea ...oh by the way, thanks dad for your help with Millie tonight.."

Remington touches Josh's shoulder and says: "Yeah son ... it's alright, we should always be there for each other .. in good times and bad."


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
10th Sep 2013 (#)

Hello mark ...I've been following your story so far ....and for the most part I like it . It is easy reading and the plot keeps flowing , so , well done .
Bless you

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author avatar Songbird B
8th Apr 2014 (#)

Another great chapter in your Thorn Grove fictional story Mark..You can sense the underlying shift in Josh and his father's relationship. \0/x

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author avatar Markthespark
9th Apr 2014 (#)

Thanks guys .. for only kind feedback and please I would accept constructive criticism - my first attempt at writing a story of any kind!

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author avatar Kingwell
30th Jun 2015 (#)

The story is very interesting and I intend to keep following. Blessings.

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