Sunny Days Past (Poem)

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Her warmth is gone, and her light has faded, but the sun is still there, only shaded!

Sunny Days Past


You burn yellow and bright gold,
Your heat is not, but is pure cold;

The warmth you shared no longer here,
It has fled away for this year;

You embrace the mist, hide your face,
Forever taking warm embrace;

Oh, my dear love, what should I do?
Your past warmth was just some ado,

I long, I pine, I search the skies,
Your orb is now lost to my eyes;

Will I feel that warm embrace again,
Or suffer fore’er the cold pain;

She was the bright light of my eyes,
Now, only have dark, cloudy skies.

PTR November 3, 2012


Burn, Cloudy, Cold, Dark, Days, Embrace, Gold, Mist, Poem, Rhyme, Season, Skies, Sun, Sunny, Warmth, Year, Yellow

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author avatar tankermone
U.S.Army vet, father - three, gf - six. I write about everything, in poetry mostly. I served in Armor, laid cement, tied steel, laid pipe, worked retail, tutored and enjoy and love the United States!

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author avatar vpaulose
4th Nov 2012 (#)

Very nice. Thank you dear.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
4th Nov 2012 (#)

She is brighter as can be,
Walking with Creations' family.

She bears the warmth both hot and cold,
But has broken the cruel stronghold.

She cried and she shook as tides did turn,
Crying the pot of gold in silver Urn.

To hide it on shelf at Break of Dawn,
While they slept content at early morn.

She is in hiding from the Darkened Ray,
Who came to put the shades of Grey.

Hid in the world that is far beyond,
As the armour of gold she again adorned.

With the sword of opulence coming her way,
She looked around in discontent of what lay.

Making her way alone to the top,
Giving her decree signalling the stop.

They can never see her but she permeates,
She is a perfect feeler who emanates.

Showing her face with a riotous glow,
Coming out suddenly to melt all snow.

She is not alone but triplets has she,
They all shine and show the world for me.

While she takes a break we now all hear,
The tumultuous clapping wish you were here.

For she is tired and needs some fun,
From cages of sadness she did run.

Now she is hiding in the cloak of blue,
With the One who knows the Invisible hue.

Now they take over with Shades of Grey,
After she does her great Ocean Spray.

Only to shine on the day she does fly,
That is when the Creator will give a long cry.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 4th November 2012

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author avatar Christiana
13th Apr 2013 (#)

The lyrics are nice...the lines are good too....

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