Sunrise in the afternoon

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Sunrise indicates the beginning of a new day. Embrace it and don't spend time rearranging the past.

Wake up to alarm clock

I start my narrative with a disclaimer. I am not a morning person! My ideal time to start the day is a little after nine in the morning, when most people have been through half their morning routine. But that is who I am. I have adjusted my personal and work life accordingly. All goes well, except when certain unavoidable circumstances occur.

Sunrise in the afternoon

One such incident happened recently. My journey from Florida to India started with a morning flight. Considering International flight requirements and travel time, I had to leave home by six in the morning. That meant getting up by five. Since there was no choice, I found myself on the road early in the morning. Of course I was not driving. I was in no capacity to drive. My wonderful husband did that task, chatting away with our daughter seated next to him, while I dozed in the back seat.
The sun was not even up. It was indeed a beautiful sight. The sky was dark on the west side of the road, while the eastern sky was getting lighter. There were ponds of water by the side of the road. Misty white water vapor curled upward in dramatic fashion. Chirping birds hopped around on trees. Traffic was minimal. The sounds and smell of early morning wafted around us, as my husband rolled down the windows of the car. The sky took on an Orange hue. Our path to the airport was on a bridge on the water. Just as we approached it, the sun made his appearance, dazzling us with all his morning glory. We continued on our journey, between the Ochre sun on the east, saying Good morning, and the silvery white crescent moon on the west, bidding us adieu for the day. All of this was observed in awe, the silence only broken by the click of my daughter’s smart phone, as she tried to capture the beauty of nature on her camera. “I love early mornings, especially sunrises,” said my daughter. My husband agreed.

Futility of regrets

Seated in the back seat, half asleep, yet awed by the surrounding beauty of nature, I thought, I love sunrises too; I just wish they would come a little later in the afternoon!
Even as the absurdity of the thought hit me, it was replaced by another thought, not quite so absurd. How many times in life do we dwell on such unfeasible thoughts? We fantasize about how things could have been, if only we had done something different. We regret that we did not get a better education, which could have possibly ensured a better lifestyle. We regret that we did not take better care of our loved ones, when they were with us. We regret not spending more time with our children, before they grew up and moved away. If there is one thing in life that knows no dearth, it is the list of regrets. Most of our regrets are not about what we did, but what we didn’t do. But dwelling on them is to no avail. Instead of lamenting about the past, it is best to take lessons from past experiences and move on toward the future with a positive attitude.
It is easier said than done, but a little effort will go a long way.
Wistfully rearranging past events in our mind is not only futile, but is as absurd as wishing for sunrise in the afternoon.


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