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In the world of wikinut the accumulation of nutpoints is becoming an all consuming pastime! But what of the elusive star page?

For your consideration.

I have been writing, probably like a lot of people on wikinut, for a long time. I started on myspace, then moved on to, where I stayed for quite some time. My real writing explosion came when I started blogging on Opera.
I would sometimes write two or three blogs in a day, or more usually, night. A lot of the blogs were personal; a sort of cathartic release of head garbage. Others would be rants on some subject that had riled my passions. I wrote - and still do write - because I loved doing it.
My love of writing, combined with a love of film and television, led me towards script writing. I have churned out several short film scripts, even managing to write one in under two hours once, just because one of my work colleagues posed a hypothetical question. None of my works have been made yet and that is perhaps the next step for me.
At the moment, I am enjoying the challenge of wikinut. The challenge? I hear you ask. Yes. The beauty of wikinut - and I suspect one of the reasons many of us are here - is they offer the possibility of payment. The romanticism of a struggling writer/artist is admiral, but best left to those who still write in a grubby notebook and use candlelight!
Back to the challenge. First it was to get ten pages published. Job done, no problem. Then it was to reach the twenty-five page milestone and - because it massages the ego and gives you a bit of a buzz - gain over one hundred views in a day. The twenty-five pages was easy; the views would only peak at weekends.
Then you read about the badges - the competitive juices are really flowing now - you need to write more. It is all a great incentive and the checking of nutpoints, views and stats, becomes addictive.
Sailing through fifty articles and - if your articles are attractive to the would be readership - attracting over one hundred views a day is mathematical child's play. You only need two people to view each article!
Ah, but one day - and this actually happened - you get an aberration. Two hundred plus people view your articles! Where did that come from? Now you have a new target: two hundred views a day!
Then there are the elusive nutpoints. Hmm. Some are straight forward; ten for a published article, one for daily login, five for gaining a follower, all very clear.
Then you take a quick perusal of your fellow wikinuts; twenty-three pages, two thousand, seven hundred and nineteen nutpoints! How the...?! Two pages, nine hundred and two nutpoints! It's all very odd.
Ever the competitive animal, I churn out a few more articles. The nutpoints must be achieved, milestones must be passed.
There is still one other target. It winks at me, goading and challenging me, laughing at my attempts to reach it. I see others attain it - more than once in some cases. Thrice or more in others - and suppress the envy welling up in my heart.
What, I wonder, will it take to achieve the elusive star page?


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I am a fitness instructor dreaming of being a film script writer. I tend to write - or rant! - about anything that takes my fancy.

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author avatar kaylar
24th Nov 2011 (#)

Depends on who moderates; you've got one wouldn't give a Star Page to an award winning essay...he mods your're doomed

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author avatar Funom Makama
24th Nov 2011 (#)

Whenever I deal with wikinut, the pay is far from my stimulants. What spur me to be very active here, is the "community" style this directory has. It is lovely, we the writers communicate with each other and even though sites like infobarrel, hubpages and more do the same, here is just different. And yeah!~~ The nubpoint is really a good stimulant also, it makes me want to achieve more points by writing more. Luckily for me, I have lots of articles in other sites which I re-post here, but I do well to consistently write fresh articles too. I think I am loving it and in less than 2 months, I already have more than 110 articles, more than 10,000 views and more than 3,000 nubpoints.. I consider this a great achievement and in a year's time it would be overwhelming.

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