Suppose we could

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We perhaps would not have been satisfied, and therefore would be always making chnages, if we had the ability to do so.

Suppose we could

Do you think that being so omniscient, that the creator
Knew that is would have been so such a great disaster
That if he had given to man even a modicum of ability
To make changes to his body structure physically.

Yes some alterations can even though risky, may be done
By employing the skills, knowledge and abilities of a surgeon
But imaging the type of problems, if it could be easily done
At will, by each person who comprises a country’s population.

Perhaps a person, not satisfied with how he looks comparatively
Would not hesitate to make those adjustments quite quickly
The one completion, go out and see someone looking even better
Would certainly, not waste time to make another.

Then that person, who decided to commit a crime,
Would certainly use that, to remove a picture from the mind
So that with such latitude could getaway and so easily
Make so adjustments, thus changing the identity.

Wow! Those children who would have been I n their teens
Know this, one can sure those eyes would emit some beams
Would use that route, as a very good outlet
To be certain, that they gave their parents the slip.

So therefore the master being privy to all matter
Know the fickleness of the human nature
Did not confer such privilege on us
Knowing that this may have spelt utter chaos

As it is we have no control over our genetic union
Or where we will become a number in a population
So no matter what physical picture you portray
It those adjustments in the mind that take you all the way.


Adjustment, Changes, Chaos, Human Nature, Master, Self-Centered Appearance

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author avatar Retired
10th Jul 2011 (#)

Interesting...great share....

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author avatar Retired
10th Jul 2011 (#)

Well done, thanks!

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author avatar Songbird B
12th Jul 2011 (#)

To be content within ones own skin would be much less stressful than adding and taking away the bits we wanted to change..That then becomes a downward slide, as people are seldom content with what they have been given..A great poetic example of the fickleness of mankind..

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