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This is, in poetry form, a beautiful poem that describes the pain in my life. It a poem of not only survival, but of hope. No matter what we go through in life, it is our choice whether we are swallowed up by a monstrous beast that keeps us chained to our past. It is up to each individual to decide what and who they become. I choose to turn it into a more beautiful me.


I make my pilgrimage through a war zone
Sanity the target for every missal
I have my scars
I have my skeletons,
I do not hide them in closets
At times the light of the sun has been obscured
For what seems a millennium
by the powder
and smoke
and stench of dying innocence
There seems no one’s left to trust or lean upon
My troops lie dead
or have run away to hide
only strength of will remains
to implore me to victory
The trenches, etched by torrents of tears
take their place within my countenance
as sources if pride
my refuge and protection
from life’s winds
These same, once thought of as hideous scars
That mar a once beautiful landscape
now manifest a reverence and demand respect
as they become a thing of beauty
and a wonder of my world
Yea, the ravages of hell, the flooding traumas
That carved their way into an innocent soul
has left behind more than
the physical blemishes
of constant assault
Born of the pain was a strength to endure, the courage to heal
And the ability to forgive
these a reward for persistence
for believing in the dream
and bearing no ill
I hold to these with tightened fist and vow
To nurture them through all my days
my heart may seem suffocated in the heat
and may wilt from the drought
but it will never fail me
It will find the oasis, cool waters of hope that will
Bring new life to my desiccated heart
understanding to my bewildered mind
I will drink to overflowing and once again
and lift my head up high
Failure is a dark enemy that I stubbornly refuse
To succumb to – I am a survivor
a bird on the wing that has soared
above the enemies calamitous clutches
until this day
I often look back upon the dead
That litter the battlefield
and I grieve at the desolation
for all that I seem
to have lost
But as the sun’s brilliance gradually shines through the haze
A little more with each turn of my world
the truth shines forth its glory
there is no vanity
I know nothing is lost
For everything has played the creator
Of the determination, the wisdom
the empathy, the forgiveness
the freedom, the love
the excellence, the beauty
the woman
that is

C.Montezuma ©January 19, 1998


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author avatar C. Montezuma
I am a 52 yo mother of 4 sons and a whole lot of -steps! I have loved writing since I was a very small child! Writing poetically, I can take the good with the bad and make it all beautiful!

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author avatar Delicia Powers
6th Aug 2013 (#)

Just beautiful... !!!

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author avatar C. Montezuma
6th Aug 2013 (#)

Thank you very much!

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