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This is a short story just to tickle the suspense. This is purely FICTION.

Horror Whip

It was a little past midnight on a starless, moonless night. It was pitch black and dead quiet outside. I was out there with my sister Claire, a 15year old, 2 years younger than I am and together we watched it all. With only the glass screen separating us, we
watched the slaughter, a cold heartless slaughter.

I saw in his eyes an evil that froze my spine, a bloody evil. Through his eyes I could see his black soul, as black as the night which he would paint red with strokes of his dagger and his victim’s blood. His
victims were tied arms behind and knelt facing each other, Nick and his wife Maria. And sobbing on
a corner by the side of the sofa was their little girl, Jenny.

He grabbed the Nick by the hair and from behind with a slow but steady movement he slashed his
neck. Blood pumped out from the slit like a fountain I had seen in the new town mall. Claire grabbed my
arm, terrified and transmitting the vibrations of her fear on to me. I turned instantly and gave her the
“make-no-sound look.” I watched again and he was behind Maria. Now I was shaking too. He pulled
back her hair but this time he stabbed her on the chest, then again, and again, and yet again.

With a half spin he turned to face little Jenny. “Not the little girl!” I screamed, in my mind. With an evil
grin he called on to her “Come little one. Daddy is gone, mummy is too and they wait on the other side for you.” Claire grabbed me tighter, the frequency and amplitude of our vibration was spiking. Surely no one would be spared of this horror, not little
Jenny, not me, not Claire. “Oh if only she would not scream” I prayed under my heavy breaths.

Barely had I finished my prayer, at the moment he took a
step closer to little Jenny, Claire screamed. Poor thing, she shouldn’t have but she did.

Immediately the lights came on and dad rushed into the sitting room. I’m busted again watching movie in the middle of the night, this time a horror movie, this
time with my younger sister. I knew I was in for real
horror, the ‘whip horror’.


Fear, Horror Story, Midnight, Movie

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I'm currently a 5th year medical student.
Today I want to be a good writer: tomorrow I know I will be a good writer.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th May 2015 (#)

Real horror after reel horror! siva

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author avatar IkeNwosu
27th May 2015 (#)

You got it Siva, you did.

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author avatar Retired
17th Jun 2015 (#)

Interesting concept, compelling storytelling. Good job IkeNwosu!

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author avatar IkeNwosu
18th Jun 2015 (#)

I appreciate the kind words Mary Papas. Thank you.

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