Sweet Connection

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The couple of young lovers shared something magical; a connection than went deeper than a mere psychical emotion.

Sweet Feeling...

It was beyond a simple physical emotion…
It went beyond such a simple thing….
It was nothing but pure devotion;
Something that made their hearts want to sing.

Sweet, gentle warmth began filling their souls.
Those feelings made them feel suddenly alive,
Freeing them from their self-imposed roles;
Pale masks made to help them to survive.

Beautiful explosion of the most tender form of joy.
Two souls fused together on a soft embrace,
Something no one would be able to destroy;
Oh, heavenly expression of divine grace!

They were a pair of lonely spirits,
Desiring to find a little ray of light
To break forever those secrets
That got buried into the night.

Oh! Tight, sweet embrace
Gentle and unbreakable union
Soul-warming and healing embrace…
It cleared away any kind of confusion

Strange desire for a bit of love
Brighter than the same sun.
Coming from high above,
Blessing two souls desiring to live as one.

There was no going back
To those long and dark hours
Where everything looked black.

The lost spirits found a bit of light,
To help them to heal deep wounds
Mercilessly opened by a dark night
That froze the warmest winds.

It was the most perfect vision;
In the end, it was only sweet love,
Without any boundaries or restriction;
Perfect gift sent from heaven above

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Creativity is life. I write mostly short stories

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author avatar writestuff
17th Dec 2014 (#)

Thanks for sharing this post. Like your imagery. Enjoyed reading.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
17th Dec 2014 (#)

You are a natural Purlpetears nice work and inspiration in every post you write.

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author avatar PJ Dorantes
18th Dec 2014 (#)

You are amazing, guys, thanks for reading!

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author avatar tafmona
18th Dec 2014 (#)

wow, I like the inspiration in this post, keep writing friend

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author avatar PJ Dorantes
19th Dec 2014 (#)


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