Swimming At the Lake

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Blazer and his friends spend a hot Summer day at the lake.

Sis Makes A Big Splash!

It was a hot Summer day, so Blazer and his friends decided to go swimming. The beach in front of his house was crowded as usual. So they decided to go to the beach at the lake, Which was also crowded.Blazer wore his favorite black swim suit with red flames on the side. Benny wore her favorite red bikini Sis gave her when they went to the beach last week.

Benny and Blazer went into the cool water and started to splash each other. Sis spread her beach towel on the sand and laid on top. She rubbed her body with sunscreen while the teen boys watched. The boys didn't know she was only eleven. She had the body of a fourteen year old.

The boys whistled and stared at her. Some obnoxious boys would make comments about her. Sis decided to give these boys something to look at. She stood up and brushed sand off her bikini. Sis walked slowly across the beach, The boys stared at her shiny white fur sparkling like a diamond in the sun.

Sis walked to the diving pier. She grabbed on the rail and slowly walked moving her hips. She turned her head and winked at the boys who kept staring at her.

Sis walked to the edge of the diving pier and kicked off her sandals. She took a diving position with her arms straight and her hands over her head.

Sis dove perfectly into the water without a splash. When she surfaced, the water sparkled on her fur. Sis swam to the latter.

Sis climbed out of the water, her fur dripping wet. As she walked back to the beach several boys were pointing at her.

Sis didn't know her bikini top had come partially off!"

Hey Sis," Blazer waved from the water "Check your bikini."

Sis looked down at her chest.

Blazer and Benny watched Sis run quickly back to her towel holding her bikini in place with her hands. The young rabbits watched her fix her bikini.

A friendly Race

Benny swam over to Blazer who was floating in the water. "Hey Blazer," she said "lets have a swim race across the lake".

"OK," the boy said "and the loser will buy the ice cream."

"Deal," she said splashing him in the face.

The rabbits used an un crowded area of the lake for their race. They asked a female lifeguard to help them judge the winner. She agreed to help them.

The lifeguard used her white shirt as a starting flag. "Swimmers take your mark." she called.

Blazer and Benny swam to the shallow end and waded out of the lake. The rabbits placed their hands on their knees. The lifeguard raised her flag. "Get ready," she said "GO!"

Blazer and Benny ran into the water. They started swimming when they were chest deep. Everyone stood on the beach watching and cheering them.

Benny was ahead and moving fast, until Blazer caught up with her at the other end of the lake. Using his backstroke, he was able to swim passed her and win the race.

Everyone gathered at the finish line to congratulate Blazer. "Great race," Benny said kissing him on the cheek. Blazer blushed.

She took his hand and they walked to the ice cream stand in the parking lot. Blazer had a chocolate milkshake and Benny had a hot fudge sundae.

The tow started back to the beach with their frozen treats when a young woman wearing a one piece swimsuit with the name New World Academy on the chest walked up to Blazer. "Great race," she said holding out her hand.

"Thank you," he said shaking her hand.The young woman looked at the boy. "Did you ever consider joining the school swim team?" she asked him.

"I've never seen anyone do the backstroke as fast as you before," the woman said taking a yellow envelope out of her bag. "I timed both of you," she said.

"Take this home with you and have your parents or guardians sign the permission slip."

"Then bring it to practice tomorrow at school." She gave him the envelope. "See you at practice tomorrow, she said waving to him. The woman turned around and walked toward the water. She waded into the lake and swam away.

"You made the swim team," Benny said excitedly "I'm so proud of you." she placed her arms around his chest and hugged him tight.


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