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This is not a story about a woman, her children, and her attitudes, it is a story in which shy is a symbol. I do not want to give away the meaning of the story, perhaps you can figure out the symbolism therein.

The Flower, then the Cane

Esther is truculent beyond her years. She was an eighty-four year old virgin with forty children. Actually they were foster children that she acquired not out of any sort of love, but the desire give an appearance of charity while insuring a household work force at profit instead of cost. Esther is ever present at temple even though her inward beliefs lack any regard or reverence for a deity other than herself.

Esther's nagging, whining, and avarice, eventually drove away all of her forty foster children. They departed with haste as soon as they were able. A necessity to save their sanity and human wealth. Esther's conceit would not allow her to place the blame for this on herself, instead blaming child after child turned adult and free.

Esther's form had been shaped by her conceit, her avarice, and her bitterness. Her bright red hair now greyed except for the lavender rinse she has applied to it in that feeble attempt to feign a sense of youth. Esther's ruddy vibrant skin now ashen. Esther's nose that once was appealing now wrinkled and crooked giving it an appearance like that of Margaret Hamilton's dreaded character in The Wizard of Oz, or Vladimir Putin's sneer. Esther has a demeanor to match both.

Esther walked down the avenue on her way to the temple with bitterness and contempt in every step. Hobbling along with her ever present black lacquer cane, silver tipped and capped. The heals of her black spinster shoes clicking the cement with every step. Esther came upon Aliesha. Aliesha was a small beautiful child of nine years. Aliesha's smile big and bright. This smile lighted up and accented by her flawless caramel skin. Aliesha's raven black hair full and frizzy in a pleasant and pleasing way. Aliesha held in her hand a bouquet of bright red poppies of which she offered Esther one.

Esther raised her cane and struck Aliesha upon the head with the cane's silver cap. Aliesha fell into a pool of her own blood on the cement. Esther continued down the now ever cursed street to the temple.


Again, this was not a story about a woman and her children but I wonder do you know what it is about?

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author avatar Feisty
5th Jun 2014 (#)

I liken the old woman to corporate/Big Money who use their employees without sense of duty to them, only to get out of them what they can.

I'm not certain that's the symbolism you are going for, but will check back later to see what others think.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
5th Jun 2014 (#)

Intriguing, Mark. I can relate this story with the greedy super rich who wonder why they are unhappy, unsatisfied and insecure while the poor seem to carry on just fine despite living hand to mouth. The rich are afraid to die and desperately cling to another day while the rest know when the time is up, just leave - siva

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
5th Jun 2014 (#)

It could be that Feisty and Siva but no.. it is not about the rich or poor, The symbolism is grander than that. Think globally I guess.

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author avatar snerfu
5th Jun 2014 (#)

Great story Mr Brown, I like this guessing game very much. Perhaps it is because I am wrong. I think you portray Day and Night here. I am still wondering about the forty children though.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
6th Jun 2014 (#)

At first I thought this was about bulling...but as you said global above, perhaps Esther repersents the many generations of selfish mistreatment of our earth ...and Aliesha represents the hope of future generations that are being so cruelly dashed?

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
6th Jun 2014 (#)

Nope, the names and skin colors are clues to what each represents. Perhaps Delicia is closest though.

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author avatar vandana7
9th Jun 2014 (#)

I am not that well read but I kind of know that a lot of people have problems in loving others children, at least out here. And all those qualities of Esther apply to them, or us if you will. At times though I think children tend to stay with such people, primarily because they find it a challenge, or lose confidence in their wings to say . Symbolism is truly lost on me, but I will check back. Thanks for making it interesting though. :)

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author avatar ciannamichelle
14th Jun 2014 (#)

I would explain Esther as a woman who wants to do good but lacks the will to do good.she wishes to help people but have not discovered herself and she dwells in the past

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author avatar n.c.radomes
15th Jun 2014 (#)

I did read the article and found it thought provoking. I could not make a mental picture of it head and tail but thankful while engrossed in it for the mental exercise. Laurels!

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author avatar SauravBanerjee
20th Jun 2014 (#)

I found your narration style very interesting!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
23rd Jun 2014 (#)

so much wisdom herein...thank you Mark.

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author avatar Erly
4th Sep 2014 (#)

Very nice story that symbolizes about life with an imagery of treachery,endless dream of the old and the unfinished future of the young.This is how life looks like: full of jealousy, envy, and being portrayed by the old lady...the feeling sucks of the real face of man as born imperfect.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
13th Oct 2014 (#)

Eighty four year old virgin with forty children walking every day to the temple. You got me! I think you're referring to Communism.

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