THE DAY I GOT Saved From Drowning

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Im sure it was my guardian angel that saved me that day.

THE DAY I GOT Saved From Possible Drowning

I must have been in my last years at primary school when my mum announced we were going on a ferry trip to Paris, she had been saving the coupons in the newspaper.

I remeber being really excited but on the actual day i remember waking up and feeling really sick, my step dad left for work early as he had a 2 hour long drive and my mum and i rushed around getting ourselves ready.

I ate my breakfast and then went back up to my room to get washed and dressed when i heard my mum calling me from her bedroom asking me where the house keys were.

Now i distinctively remember seeing them on the side in the kitchen next to the cooker when i was eating my breakfast but when i went back downstairs they were gone.

We must have spent the next hour and a half searching for these keys, we looked everywhere and just couldn't find them so in the end we had to cancel our trip, i remember seeing my mums disappointed face as she explained that we wouldn't be able to make it to the ferry on time even if we did find the keys.

Then the most weirdest thing happened, i went back into the kitchen about 20 minutes later to get a drink, and there they were. The house keys were back on the side next to the cooker, in the exact same place that i had seen them.

No one else had been in the house that morning and we just couldn't understand what had happened and why until later that day.

We were sat watching the news and were horrified to hear that a ferry had sunk and many people died. someone had left the car storage doors open.

It was the very ferry that we should have been on that morning, and we would have been on it if the keys hadn't done a disappearing act.

I'm glad they did, I'm sure it was my guardian angel that made that diversion to stop us from going. There is no other way that i can explain it.


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