Tainted Toys: Short Story By Melinda Dawson

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Just a short story I wrote back when I was in High school. I got an award for several similar stories while in school, but I just thought it would be cool to see what other people think about it.

Tainted Toys

The dim light came in through the dusty windows in beams, more yellowish in color than bright. Her breathing was a low shallow gasp as she pulled her knees up to her chest and watched as the sky slowly became a mass of solid grey. She held back her tears as her breath caught in her throat, and her eyes fell upon the lake that took up the majority of her backyard.
She stared now, breathlessly, across the living room and out the back door at the black water of the lake. She knew that if she hadn't come here, if she hadn't inherited this God forsaken house, then she wouldn't be sitting on the living room floor waiting for death to approach. As a child all she'd ever dreamed of was owning her own house with a pretty little yard, yet as she sat scared out of her mind she wished she'd never left her tiny apartment.
Slowly, she brought her hand up to cover her mouth as she watched the back door slide open on its own. Not wanting to see anymore, she jumped up off the ground and ran as fast as she could up the stairs, tripping for a moment on one of the many dolls from the cursed playroom. She caught her footing easily enough as she clung to the railing, her eyes staring into the bright ones of the devilish little clown with its sadistic little smile. She should have never unlocked that door in the first place.
Outside, it had begun to ran heavily.
The drops hit the windows and seemed to echo through the entire house. She paused only for a moment to look at the open door of the playroom to stare at the low window that looked over the lake. She slowly made her way into the room to stand at the threshold of the door her eyes locking on the window.
Suddenly, the lights went out.
The lightening flashed, brightening up the playroom for a single moment before sending it back into darkness with only the dim light seeping through the dusty windows from the outdoors. She could barely make out her surroundings as she took a hesitant step into the room. The lightening flashed again, and the shadows of the branches from the tree that sat by the lake seemed to slowly be reaching out for her. Her heart was racing as she watched the rain pelt the dirty windows until she could see the lake clearly before her. Then there was another crack of thunder and a third flash of lightening which revealed to her that all the dolls in the room had their tiny porcelain heads turned toward the window where the blonde one sat, Back from its watery grave at the bottom of the lake where she had dumped it no more then two days prior.
Its lovely silk locks of hair were covered in the filth from the bottom of the lake while its distorted face and little body harbored roaches. Its shell pink lips curved into a wicked smile that caused its face to take on the most devilish appearance, and the once beautiful sky blue eyes were now as dark as night while a blackish liquid seeped out of them running down the smooth surface of its cheeks.
The Thunder cracked and the window behind the doll flew open with a force so frightening it shook the very fiber of her being. Her green eyes darted to the edge of the window sill on either side of the doll where two deathly pale hands caked in the mud from the bank of the lake slid up to grip the frame. The creature, which took on the form of a little girl, rose up from behind the doll. It's mouth strained against the gross, thick thread that kept it shut. The gaping wound on its slender, pale throat gushed out blood and the black liquid of the lake.
Slowly, it pulled its body up until it was crouched behind the doll.
Her hand searched desperately for the light switch as she stared at the thing that was watching her with its glittering black eyes from behind the hellish doll. Then when she realized the creature had slithered effortlessly around the doll and into the room she gave up on finding the switch and backed out of the room. She slammed the door shut and rummaged through her pants pocket for the key to the cursed room, her heart beating faster and harder in her chest as she pulled the key out. Quickly locking it, she took several steps back as she saw the shadows of the branches reaching for her from under the door while the black liquid seeped slowly out into the hall.
Dropping the key, she turned and fled to her bedroom down the long hall to grab her bags so she could escape this horrid house, but as she got to her bedroom door she came to a full stop. She instantly stepped back in horror to lean up against the opposite was as she brought her hand to her mouth. There at the foot of her bed sat a little old oak chair and hanging from the high beam above it was an old rope shaped into a noose that waited patiently for a fresh throat to snag, while beckoning her forward to end all this madness.
Half crazed, she stumbled forward toward the chair as the noose hypnotically swung back and forth in the cool breeze of the air conditioner. She carefully pulled herself up onto the chair. Straightening her posture, she placed the heavy, thick rope around her throat as tears finally began to roll down her soft cheeks.
Suddenly, the chair flew out beneath her and into the hall.
The rain pelted against the windows as the lightening flashed brightening up the room for a single moment to reveal the doll sitting on the chair out in the hall with a smile displayed on its face that reeked of sheer evil.
Her corpse spun in a lazy circle, her eyes bulged, and her lips parted gently as her fingers gave off one last little twitch.
Then the lights flickered back on.


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I am a stay at home mom of two, and I enjoy writing as a stress reliever. I've written a couple of short stories and I'm currently writing a book with a friend.

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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
13th Dec 2013 (#)

Wow! Awesome little creep show!
Great descriptive writing and concise story line.
Thank you!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Dec 2013 (#)

Scary but imaginative. Thank God, we are luckier in life - siva

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