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Yes in ours and doings we are responsible for that direction taken

Take Action

How many times have we listened to an eloquent speaker?
Such words, such expressions what a great motivator
Inside the senses so stimulated wanting to go into action
But they soon disappeared at the end of the session

Also too those who are afflicted by any form of addiction
Seems to be doing quite well when having any form of rehabilitation
On can see the changes and the benefit derived from the setting
But also too one can notice the relapse when that prop is missing

Then we feel sorry for a friend who is locked in a relationship that is abusive
So willing to accept the situation and resign to a state so passive
And amid all this seem to believe that they are certainly the reason
That has brought such that behavior that is demonstrated by that person

But too as people we tend to hold certain person very highly
Even to that point that we do not believe they can do anything badly
So when they seem to do anything to make them fall from grace
Effort would be made to one someone else the blame place

Another pattern that seem to be coming to light today
Is the amount and severity of anger that is on display?
So no need to say anything different trying to correct
The type of aggressive action spells that it was viewed as disrespect

In the afore mentioned we all must understand
The destiny and course of one’s life is at one’s command
So no matter the obstacles, real or perceived, in the way
It is the will and actions of the person that will brighten the day.


Action, Direction, Motion, Purpose, Result

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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
29th Sep 2014 (#)

Good write

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author avatar Delicia Powers
29th Sep 2014 (#)

Direct...and powerful as always poetic 2984 ..it reminds me of the adage advice I grew up with... (today and tomorrow are the only thing we can truly change...the pedestal another stands on is the one you yourself make for them, it is much -better to stand "even eyed"- that way no one gets hurt during the certain event of a fall")..outstanding poem poetic2984....!

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author avatar Utah Jay
29th Sep 2014 (#)

I know the feeling.

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