Taking Control Of Yourself

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Not all time will we be able to be in sync with other people’s ideas and opinions. So, when this happens, what to do we do?

Controlling Your Emotions

Ideally, a person should always present himself in a way that people will understand him. He may not be too vocal about what his feelings are, but sometimes, actions are more than enough to know what kind of a person he truly is.

You try to be at peace with everyone. But no matter how much true you are to others, still others would test your patience. There would be people who would push your button and make you feel bad. How do you deal with it? You must learn to know which battle to take. Either you go tongue lashing with these people or you would just turn your back and walk away. But how would you let others know your stand if you would just leave the “scene of the crime”?

Dealing With Anger

Anger is one of the most common emotions that we encounter in our daily lives. It even goes to the point of affecting others because one is unable to get hold of it. Anger management should really be introduced to one who has this some kind of behavioral disorder. This is completely unhealthy coz it does not only make you feel bad, but you could also suffer from depression in the long run.

How do you control your anger? What makes you reach the edge? Others feel bad about you, but other than that, it has a bad effect on yourself.

It would surely take a lot of time before one could be able to control such strong emotions. And I guess, being calm and having more time to understand different situations is the first step. Usually, one's anger is more than about the issue. It goes back to how that person was during his childhood. Sometimes, there are unresolved issues in the family that instead od having time to talk about it, one has just kept it all the years.

It is really hard to deal with most especially if there are people who provokes us to be angry. Testing our temper could sometime lead to broken friendships and relationships. And not unless we are able to control this emotion, we might just one day wake up being alone.

The Truth

No matter how much genuine your heart is, no matter how much you show your appreciation to other’s work, no matter how much transparent you make yourself be, still, there would be people who would be always against you. Will these people be just trying to test you or they are just born with sarcasm and now-it-all attitude, there would be people that will irritate you.

The Key

The only way to be able to lead a very harmonious, peaceful life is to accept that everything happens for a reason. That no matter how much we would like to straighten things up to avoid future problems for others, still it is possible that there would be obstacles along the way.

Your Take

Would you allow anger to rule over your life?

“Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret”. - Ambrose Bierce


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author avatar Raitu disong
2nd Aug 2013 (#)

Great work!

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author avatar redvakaurvaki
2nd Aug 2013 (#)

Last line is excellent, sist! Have control of ourselves is very important

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
2nd Aug 2013 (#)

In the "Dealing With Anger Section," you might want to change this part, "This is completely unhealthy coz it does not only make
How do you control your anger? What makes you reach the edge? others feel bad about you, but other than that, it has a bad effect on yourself."
I think a drag and drop got moved in the middle of another sentence. Good other than that little thing. ;)

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