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Small pointers that help me take on the worst that life has to offer. I hope it helps some of out folks out there.

Positive Vibes Only.

As someone who regularly finds himself going through periods in life where there is no progress in sight, I can tell you that it can be quite a bitch which makes it all the more easier to fall into the dark hole that is hopelessness and negativity. In order to combat that, I have decided to give a list of things that I use to help me take on the worst that life has to offer. Should you want, you can take some pointers to improve your outlook on life.

Life can get real folks and because of that, I have many friends that complain day in and day out that life is not working out and such. What they (along with most of us) don’t realize is that life doesn’t owe us a damn thing. It’s mostly up to ourselves to make the best of it and complaining about bad situations is not going to change the situation.

There’s a part in the movie 12 Years a Slave where the main character (a slave named Northupp) is approached by a fellow slave (forgot her name) asking him to kill her. The conversation they had was something to the effect of:

Northupp: “How can you give in to such despair?”
Lady Slave: “How can you not?!? Look at the situation we find ourselves in!!!”
Northupp: “All the more reason to persevere.”

That scene hit me right in the feels, man. Despite the fact that he was a slave in one of the worst periods of history and others had all but given up on life or had accepted their fate, this guy chose to persevere. The systems took his freedom but he chose to keep his dignity in the face of hard times.

It can get very tempting to give up on life because of all the obstacles it hands out but I’d like to urge people to choose to look at the hard times in life in the same way some people look at exercising; that they are there to build you up. And even though they may seem to last forever, they eventually end.

But even that may be hard to do when you are in tough times and the days never seem to end never. They just seem to drag on and even when the day ends; there is always the possibility that the next day will either be worse than the previous. Because of this, a sense of dread and procrastination can build.

For that very reason, I have implemented something I call the No Days Off plan into my life (you are welcome to try it out). The summary of this plan is that you do something (how big or small the goal is up to the person) proactive every day. Whether it be writing a page to post on Wikinut (that shit is harder than it sounds) or doing 10 pushups, it doesn’t matter so as long as the person can look back with a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

To add on to this, I’d like to encourage people to take the time to ask themselves questions about their lives and use the answers to push them through the day.

Answers to things like:
• What should I appreciate more in my life?
• What am I thankful for?
• What’s going right in my life?

Can really put things into perspective for people who are blinded the negativity of their situations. For example, here is my list:

What am I thankful for?
• That I’m able to eat good food again.
• That I’m reasonably fit and healthy.
• That I’m (hopefully) making someone’s day more bearable.

What’s going right in my life?
• Due to my previous unemployment, I got the opportunity to develop new skills and habits that I now use on a daily basis.
• I have more time to do things I enjoy.
• That more people are reading my pages (yay)!

What do I appreciate in my life?
• That I’m no longer sleeping on streets.
• That I’ve grown as a person.
• That I’m off drugs ( double yay)!

Obviously, your answers will differ from mine as we are in different places in life, but once you see/read your answers, that shit will really put things into perspective that we as people can take things for granted and give you the positive vibes to take on the rest of the day.

It can be very disheartening to take life on especially when you look at other people flourishing whereas you aren’t. It may be easier said than done folks, but the only real solution to this is to stop comparing yourself to others because that shit can REALLY kill your vibe. Just focus on yourself and what you can do to improve your situation.

Avoid being the type of person who’s hung up on what bad things you did in your past as wallowing in regret also won’t get you anywhere. Rather look at those mistakes as lessons learnt.

More importantly, look back where you once were in life,try to take pride in how far you’ve come in life, and use that as motivation to push further.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Mar 2017 (#)

I am happy with what I am blessed with than think about those I do not have. It is a matter of choice - to be happy and contented or otherwise.

I knew one thirty years ago who is now one of the richest in the world. I tell my friends I cannot say he is more successful or blessed than me - only that he pursued a different path - siva

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author avatar Memba Ben
22nd Mar 2017 (#)

Those are some wise words,Siva.

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author avatar tootsieharveystories
18th Mar 2017 (#)

Thank you for sharing. I am guilty of wallowing in the bad mistakes in my life instead of cherishing the good I fail to see in my life. Something to look forward to. Press on!

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author avatar Mariah
19th Mar 2017 (#)

Ben you're a inspirational example of 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'
well done you!! Thanks for such a fantastic share.

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author avatar Memba Ben
22nd Mar 2017 (#)

Hi Mariah, you are giving me wayyy too much credit,lol! I'm just an idiot who finally learnt a couple of hard lessons and am learning from them. But thank you for the super kind words!!!

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author avatar Memba Ben
22nd Mar 2017 (#)

Hi Tootsie,

You and I are in the same boat. However, I trust you will be able to power forward and lead a happy and fulfilling life. Just don't sweat the small stuff.

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