Tala Lockwood, Street Samurai Part 1

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This is the start of my NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) novel that I am working on this year. It is set in the Shadowrun (A sci-fi tabletop role play game) universe and is the backstory for my character in it.

Tala Lockwood, Street Samurai Part 1

Tala walked into the living room of their tiny, run down apartment and saw that her mother, Nuka, was once again lost to the world on a BTL. She sighed and went looking for the stash.
Her mother hadn't even tried to hide it this time. Tala took a small puff of jazz, not a lot, but enough to take the edge off her own desire. She still had homework to do after all. Tala knew that she was addicted, but it wasn't her fault not really. Nuka had been an addict for many, many years now, maybe even since the Awakening, but she is so far gone that she can't remember anymore. She couldn't even stop long enough to safely have Tala.
Tala sighed again and sat down to start on that homework. She hated school but was nearly done, only two more years at the damn human high school and she was free. Once she finished, she looked for something to eat. The fridge and cabinets were bare.
Tala walked over and kicked her mother, “Mom, there's no food. Where's the money?”
Nuka opened her eyes slightly and shooed Tala away.
“Nuka! We need food!”
Nuka opened her eyes a fraction again, “Drawer...”
Muttering darkly to herself, Tala went to look. She was down from the jazz and was in a dark mood to begin with but Nuka was worthless enough that it made it ten times worse. Eventually Tala found some money in one of the kitchen drawers. She wanted more jazz or more something, but knew it wasn't wise to go out high.
“Dol n'e.” With that, Tala walks out and starts walking down the road towards the store. Determined to hide the money from her mother, it meant less drugs, but more food, maybe.
About to walk into the store, Tala hears, “Hey elf!” She and her mother are the only elves in this part of town so she slowly turns around. It was a classmate.
“What do you want, Andrew?”
“Are you like you're mother?”
“Speak plainly or leave.”
“Are you a whore?”
Tala sighed. “Not all children turn out like their parents.”
“Is that a yes?”
“Want me to change your mind?” He asks as he pulls out a wad of cash.
“Edan yassen n'uma handasse,” she spat at him. “I am not my mother! No amount of nuyen will make me change my mind!”
“What did you just call me, elf?”
Tala was getting real tired of his superior attitude. The Awakening was decades ago, but humans still don't understand that being different isn't anything special, not really.
When she didn't answer, Andrew started getting really pissed off. “I asked you a question elf! So answer me!”
Tala gave her best fake pleasant smile she could muster. “Edan yassen n'uma hadasse. Roughly, it means that you are a stupid human.”
“Why don't you and your whore mother leave this town!”
“If we did that, your father would lose his nightly companion. I'd say your mother wasn't doing a very good job at keeping him satisfied.” With that she turned sharply on her heel and walked through the door, leaving Andrew dumbstruck outside.
After making her and her mother a simple dinner and forcing her mother to eat, Tala took a nice dose of bliss and went to bed.
Two years passed quickly in about the same fashion. The only difference is now Tala really wants to quit using any and all drugs herself. She doesn't want to end up like her mother, a burnout and a whore, just trying to get her next fix. Determining that Nuka could survive without her for a week, Tala locked herself in the one bedroom of the shitty apartment for a week while going through withdrawal.
She left the room and threw out all the drugs she could find. “Nuka! No more drugs!” She called out to her mother.
“... no more...?”
“None. I'm trying to quit. I don't want to end up like you.”
Tala sighed. “No. I can't stop you from downloading BTLs but no bliss, jazz, long haul, cram, dipweed, or anything like that. Understand?”
Tala sighed again. “Good. I'm going to go and try to find work. Don't buy any more drugs while I'm gone.”


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
19th Nov 2013 (#)

Nice story to follow and well written, good show!

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