Tales from India: The Lions in India

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A tale about lions in india and a man who recues them

Tales from India

A long time ago in india the land of elephants and jungles, there was once many kingdoms each one veying for power. Each one seeking glory and fame. This was a time of honesty, kings and when the world was filled with mysteries...Many people would make their legacy in the sands of time and this is one of there stories...

The Cercus

The Cercus was at its end, one last show to wow the audience...the only trouble with that theory was there was hardly any audiency interested anymore.
The Empire was at its end and the works of Ghandi meant india was moving towards freedom and the whiteman was longer interested in seeing spectacles of lion and tiger tamers and so the Cercus too was reaching its end.
As it closed on its final proformance an auction went up, luckily there was still enough interested wealthy people in the anteques that had been accomapying the cercus for many years and the cercus owner had at least made a fair profet from seeling the cercus but the one thing he could not sell was two orphanied lion cubs.
The two lion cubs were as tame as kittens and they showed no real sign of agression or playfullness as the two had been captured at a young age and something in their heart had broken when they were taken from their home in the jungle and as a result they were as much fun as potatoes.

The Old Man

As the sale of the Cercus closed an old man who walked with a cane and looked very sad walked into the sale and as things were being shipped away around him he happoned upon two small lions cubs in a cage.
One male and one female, they looked sad and dispondant and almost ignored for they had not eaten in days and patches of their fur were starting to fall out.
The man felt sorry for them and so he asked the cercus owner how much they were and he said the man could have them for free because they were worthless and so the old man took the cage and took them home. He lived miles away in a small cottage in the jungle and he was wealthy enough not to work and so he had nothing to do all day.

The Twins

The two lions were a struggle at first, they almost never eat and they usualy moped around and did nothing but the old man was persistant and so he made sure to feed them even if he had to hand feed them.
He then groomed them every day and washed them much to the cubs displeasure and hisses, he then cared for them and loved them, at first they thought he was a strange old man but they seemed to open upto the love.
Soon the lion cubs started to open up to his affection and soon they started playing together and chasing balls and running around. The old man had happiness again and so did the lions.
The lions grew up and respected him as a father. The male always stayed close to the old man protecting him and caring for him while the female one day went on heat and left the jungle to find her kindred soul.

The Return

It was many years until the girl lion returned and when she did she brought with her a male jungle lion and she showed the lion to the man who raised her and dispite the lion being a wild animal somehow it understood that this man was the female lions father.
The old man weapt when he saw the female lion and also the male who stayed with him weapt also to see his sister return and there was a moment when all four of them connected as one, the two sibling lions, the one husband lion and their father.
The female vanished the next day into the jungle with her husband and the old man stayed in that jungle house for many years. It is unknown what happened to them but there are still tails of the man who lives in the jungles with his lions.

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