Tales from India: The Mango Princess

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A tail of orphans who are abandoned and how one little girl finds love

Tales from India

A long time ago in india the land of elephants and jungles, there was once many kingdoms each one veying for power. Each one seeking glory and fame. This was a time before the British Empire, a time before guns and cars but in a time of honesty, kings and saltans and when the world was filled with mysteries...Many people would make their legacy in the sands of time and this is one of there stories...

The Orphans

She was an evil vile woman, if ever the term bad to the bone had been said it was surely about her for her evilness had just as surely made her bones as black as night and blood as thick and foul as tar.
She was the four childrens new step mother, a large robumptious lady who's brown skin was mared by tooo many wrinkles and even more makeup that was used to hide her real age.
To the four girls father she had been as sweet as fresh mangoes in the summer time but the moment he turned his back she was as vicious and fowl as a tiger whoes toes had been stepped on with steletoes.
And when he was not at home she beat them with her chumpul and scolded them for the simplest of things. It was almost as though children were anathema to her very being and the sight of them made her spasm in fits of agression and untempered rate towards the four little girls...
It was no suprise then that one day, after years of badgering that the step mother had quite litterally ordered their father to abandon them. Their fatther was a kindly short and thin man whoes form looked that that of a mouse standing next to an elephant when he was next to his oversized wife.
So one day he told his children he was going to take them on a trip and so he took them in a cart one day and rode by horse through the jungle which was filled with monkeys and tigers and took them to the Mango Groves and there he sat with them and kissed them on the head and then watched as they climbed the tall mango tree's to eat the ripe mangoes and then he wished them fairwell and left them, alone...in the jungles...


Three of the sisters were older and could climb the mango tree's and one was very young and father frail but beautiful, she could not climb the tree's and so she was allways at the bottom.
She was the one who saw her father leave first and she chased him only to find that his cart was too fast. She then came back and found she was unable to climb the tree's, her limbs were too weak and so she waited at the bottom while her sisters feated and only threw down pits and mango skins.
Hungry and dejected she eat the mango skins which were not very tasty but at least they were food.
This continued for many years and the other sisters became large and fat off the delicious mangoes while the youngest remained thin and slender and even more beautiful.

The Prince

One day there was a prince riding along in the jungle and had been lost when hunting tigers and he came apon these strange jungle woman and immediatly his eyes fell upon the youngest sister.
She was now a young woman, slender and with light brown skin, her beautiful brown hair flowed like water down her back and she walked with grace and elegance of someone who was used to hardships and yet still had the will to continue.
He fell hopelessly in love with her and he rushed towards her and knelt on one knee and proposed to her, bewhildered and shy she ran away and hid herself from him. The other sisters were jelous and so tried to get the prince to like them, but they were mean, rebumptious and plump from mango pickings and their faces were covered in mango juice. And looked more akin to large baboons then actual woman by the savage apearence.

The Proposal

The prince was adament and badgered her day and night for a week, he told her all about how he was a good person and how he could help her but she was too sky and so ignored him or hid away from him.
But soon she realised that she liked him being around and dispite her sisters throwing hard mango seeds at them she eventually accepted and the two rode off together.

The Marriage

They were happily married and the entire kingdom feasted on mangoes, they were so happy to be together and the Princess finaly got to eat a whole mango to herself and she and the prince lives happily ever after...
But on their wedding night the princess told the prince a secret...she did not really like mangoes...but she did love him.

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author avatar Songbird B
16th Mar 2012 (#)

Another enjoyable Indian folktale Kalegan..

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author avatar Karim Giblett
16th Mar 2012 (#)

Thanks :)

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author avatar Buzz
17th Mar 2012 (#)

Thanks for sharing this story, Kalegan.

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
29th Mar 2012 (#)

Kalegan. I love your stories and you tell them very well. Thank you.

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author avatar Ptrikha
9th May 2014 (#)

Great tale and well told!

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