Tales from India: The Moon's Heat

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Ajria has given up a life of crime but takes a challange but is wronged so must think up a way to get what he deserves.

Tales from India

A long time ago in india the land of elephants and jungles, there was once many kingdoms each one veying for power. Each one seeking glory and fame. This was a time before the British Empire, a time before guns and cars but in a time of honesty, kings and saltans and when the world was filled with mysteries...Many people would make their legacy in the sands of time and this is one of there stories...

The Chalange

Ajria was now becoming and elderly man and his theiving ways had long since gone by and now he was well known as a murchant around town and was allways able to get something if you needed it, although where it came from was still dubious.
One day the maharaja who was a rather bord man discided to create a chalange when staring at his large swimming pool. He discided that any man who could stay overnight in the cold pool without getting out would be worthy of a prize and so he sent the chalange out.
A large reward was offered to any man who could stay in the pool overnight until morning without freezing and quitting.

The Moon

Many men tried and failed, the chalenge was too impossible for this kingdom was built on the mountain platue of Abu. The mountain was high enough to escape the intense heat during the night time which was very cool and as a result the chalange was near impossible to complete.
The Maharaja became frustrated and increased the prize so that it was enough for any man to retire and live a comfortable life. So Ajria took on the chalange and went into the pool one night.
The pool was cold and as the night came on it got colder and holder and eventually he was shivering and soooo cold. His body spasmed in fits of cold and slowly he felt his body became numb as he sat in the pool.
Then he looked up and saw it...the moon...

The Warmth

The moon was full and so big and its sight filled him with a heat and warmth and comfort he had never known. Although the moon did not actually heat him up the sight of it was enough make him happy and that made him warm.
He spent the night staring at the moon and as the night went on a crowd gathered in awe at his resillience against the cold and then slowly the horizon because bright and the sun started to rise up and bask the day in light and Ajria pulled himself shivering out of the pool and stood victorious.
The Vazeer was enraged and demanded that he had tricked the maharaja, the maharaja was sure he had not tricked anyone and so asked him how he stayed warm and Ajria said he saw the moon and he felt some warmth.
The Vazeer, a crewel and whicked man demanded that Ajria was a lier and cheater and so the maharaja, who allways was easily swayed by the hot tempered Vazeer listened to this and said Ajria got no prize.

The Curry

Disgruntled and angry Ajria went home shivering and he spent a week agry. Then as he was kicking down things in his home he was about to knock over a curry his wife made and then an idea happened upon him.

A week later the people in the city were abuzz with news of Ajria's latest crazy antics. The word came to the maharaja who went into the town centre and there he was shocked to see Ajria sturring a curry pot, the pot was small and on tall stilts nearly ten metre's high, the pot was so small and seemed rediculous compared to the tiny small fire that was on the ground.
Ajria stood on a set of steps and sturred the curry deligantly while everyone looked up at him. People scorned him but Ajria did not listen and then the maharaja discided to stop this.
"Ajria what is it you are doing?' the maharaja said
'well I am cooking' Ajria said with a casual smile as though this was normal
'cooking? how can you cook with this tiny fire down here and that pot all the way up there, the heat cannot reach it?' the maharaja said, Ajria smiled
'well if I can be heated by the moon which is soooooo far away in a swimming pool then surely this curry can be heated by that tiny fire all the way down there' Ajria said and the maharaja realised how he had wronged this man and agreed that he had been bested.
Ajria was given alot of gold and jewels and lived a wealthy rich life while the crewel Vazeer was made to sit in a pool all night and then banished for being so mean.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
18th Mar 2012 (#)

great story Kalegan...thank you

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
19th Mar 2012 (#)

As long as its not Ganesha and the Rat, the moon is beautiful and reverred.

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author avatar Buzz
19th Mar 2012 (#)

Great write, Kalegan.

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
30th Mar 2012 (#)

Wonderful tales. Thank you, Kalegan.

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