Tangled, twisted bed sheets

krrymarie By krrymarie, 17th Jan 2012 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Hereiam picked the word twisted and this is what I came up with. I am not entirely happy with this piece. It feels a bit rushed but the words just came to me and sort of flowed.

Tangled, Twisted bed sheets

As I lay my head upon your chest
I can feel your heartbeat,
gently beating in my ear
calming my soul, relaxing my body,
as my heart beat gets in rhythm with yours.

You kiss my head, play with my hair,
as I look up at you, look into your eyes
which are filled with love and passion.

Our lips gently meet, so soft and sweet,
as we passionately kiss some more.

Hands start wondering, clothes coming off,
being thrown all over the place,
as our bodies gently embrace.

Laying down on the bed,
getting tangled in the sheets,
as our bodies, twist and turn,
till we became one.

The sheets all, twisted and tangled,
soon will be tidied,
after our day of passion.

Krrymarie 16.1.12


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author avatar krrymarie
I am new to all this, I enjoy writing poetry, haiku's and and anything that interests me in general.
I enjoy poetry, reading, photography, listening to music of all kinds, playing world of war craft.

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author avatar Denise O
17th Jan 2012 (#)

I think at times it is rushed but, I like that it is. It is smooth and soft when need be also. Just as it usually is, when making love. Well hon, that is how I saw it...
Hot, steamy and sexy. I think this Alabama woman is blushing. LOL
As always, thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar ittech
17th Jan 2012 (#)

quite good

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author avatar johnnydod
17th Jan 2012 (#)

ohh Kerry I need a cold shower, you have such a way with words, wonderful poem.

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author avatar Songbird B
17th Jan 2012 (#)

I think the rhythm works witin the poem Kerry..Slow to start, builds and as Denise says above, it then softens..I think this is better than you may think it is my friend...

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author avatar hereiam
17th Jan 2012 (#)

im amazed at what you came up with

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author avatar krrymarie
17th Jan 2012 (#)

Thank you guys.
haha Johnny there might be more where that came from, so get ready for some more cold showers lol!!!
Thank you hereiam I did say it might come out a bit yeah well lol.
Den didnt mean to make you blush haha.
Thank you songbird. and ittech.
Its so good being back!

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author avatar richardpeeej
17th Jan 2012 (#)

You have captured my imagination so well with this hot poem Kerry...great work my friend..I am off for a cold shower too even though its frosty outside!

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author avatar krrymarie
17th Jan 2012 (#)

Thank you Richard, hehe enjoy your cold shower too, or just go stand outside to cool of lol!!

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author avatar wordcraze
28th Jan 2012 (#)

described very well...that one passionate act, which defines "oneness" in love!

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author avatar krrymarie
11th Feb 2012 (#)

Thank you wordcraze.

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author avatar Retired
9th Apr 2012 (#)

Very nice. Enchanting even.

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