Tantric Sex, An Effective Form of Worship to Derive Divine Energy

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Tantric sex, is a form of non-orgasmic sex which is considered a divine act. It will provide enormous pleasure if practised properly and regularly. It is considered an effective form of worship to acquire the divine power and energy.

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The orthodox society considers sex as an obscure thing and many people fear to talk about it openly. According to the religions, sex is just a measure to reproduction and it should end with it. Even at a time when we boast ourselves as living in a modern world, you are watching news from across the globe about sexual harassments and about moral policing.
All these are happening just because of the ignorance and negligence of people. Sex or sexual intercourse is an effective measure to attain divine power. It is a form of worship which will certainly yield results. If you are open to know more about such worships, the first step is to come out of the age old myths about love and lust. As per the prevailing standards, love is something serene and lust stands in the other side of the coin. This concept is totally wrong. Lust is the enhanced form of serene love (When you talk about love as the affection between two individuals of opposite sex). It can refresh your mind and body and bring in lots of energy into your body.
According to the metaphysics, there are two different worlds, one is the physical one where we all live and the other is a subtle world. This world is filled with energy in wave forms. Every action happens in our world has been decided well in advance in this subtle world and the energy required to perform the action will be sent. The barrier between our subconscious mind and this subtle world is very thin and very few can break this barrier. They are called as persons with high level of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) or persons with sixth sense. They will get the information about things to be happened in the future as they can understand the developments in this world.
Now coming to the energy in the subtle world, it is this energy that comes to us in the form of divine blessing. We will receive this energy or god’s blessing only when our mind is pure. Tantric Sex, age old practice basically derived from the oriental wisdom is performing a great role in keeping our mind clean and also helping to derive this energy from the divine world.
If you enter in the world of Tantric sex, you will certainly find a good number of wonderful ideas and thoughts which you may not have learned before. There are many guides for beginners in this stream of worship available online. Orgasm has not much importance in Tantric sex. It is a natural process and will happen naturally at the end. Here indulging in intercourse is more relevant. According to Tantric Sex, sexual intercourse is joined action of body and soul and by satisfying both; you can derive the divine energy to a greater extent. Thus it is considered a form of worship.
Sex is no more a taboo. It is no more a process involved in reproduction. It is a worship which provides you high level of pleasure and at the same time rejuvenate your mind and body with divine power.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
13th Jul 2015 (#)

Sex is not the way of getting divine energy as you are consummating with many and deriving their energies including their previous sexual partner energy and losing your own identification.
I just needed one male in my life and disassociated myself from sex completely using the mind to still lust thereby attaining the divine source of power and love that is devoid consummation of a worldly male. It's been five years and I am a lot better without a male than with one and the problem that I face now is that many refuse to believe it that one can live without sex and continue to tempt using the one eyed serpent to fake love and bringing in lust of dark world.
While I use kundalini yoga, and surya namaskar and others in forms of dancing, I am not a person into sex or tantric sex of any kind. I have learnt to suppress my desire for sex and am proud of it too.

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author avatar M G Singh
16th Jul 2015 (#)

Well written. I have experienced this in the Ashram of Rajneesh.

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