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Here's an abstract spiritual warfare poem of Truth. With God, it's possible to make it through the hard times in life. Without Him, we'd be doomed.


A sound so smooth that I fell down with it
Roche limit, now in it, foul venin  on the antipode
Hail, snow or molten mail
Cactus, roses, broken sails, I'm slow as snails
Sometimes, I know, but Yawh different...
Without, a sense of grounding for me
Goats enrope, I float in space, and so awake
My soul escapes it's home, and gone
Jehovah reigns...
Persecution, longer days, stronger faith and hope, to make it
Even though it's satan
Raising stakes and hating YHWH's passion
I don't fear it, I sear it with Scripture, clear the picture, soon as I'm perceived
There, I noticed, the Jezebel entrap
Since I just unveil, had me living rough
With tests to fail
It's flailing and more personal
My talent and potential have the wicked coming
Many ways, that's getting paid at my expense
They then arrange a bigger thing to get away
With lies and sin...
Won't help to cry within, cause I know I'm right
For many years, the evil persecuted, I know I'm Christ's, ain't trying to win
Time to die again, for righteousness, Light, plights in the fights
Strikes of plasma
The sky in the night, it doesn't matter...
What's because of lanterns?
The ones who love the Master?
Hate the messenger
And love the hate of what's begun to shatter
Evil falling down...
I could feel it, like in the testaments
But I profess the will of the Father
Though jealous demons activate the masquerades
Hack my craft to snatch my page, that enrages, as it's blatant
I'm in danger for my righteous
In earth, I'm like a stranger
Shadows creeping closer, wings like an angel
But ain't the sort...
Plus I wasn't taken by hatred
Ain't rise to raise the sword, aside from scripture, given, spirit warfare weapons...
It's not a fray between some idol
With my faith, I read the Bible, see the rivals
Side with satan, hating God and all His attributes
I ain't in the bracket, roots exacted, ruses magics too
The worse that you could think of can't compare to what the Baphomet'd do...
It's probably branded cool, how get to this point?
I'm adamant eternally, 'cause thieves ain't have a hand in this success
But ravished it
Somehow, collapses I predicted, for the fact
Of my intention, is for good, but evil planned to sin
It's known...
Timing, all I mention, saw in Scripture 'fore it ever happen, now that it is visible
Ignoring is a better tactic, or destroying
The messenger or anyone that ever grasp it
But the Light's invincible
Spiritually, souls outside my dwellings
Threatening me with violence everywhere that I went, especially, when expressing
Silently, I'm saying, 'cause it's a testimony
All of what's imposed on me, I ain't invite, it's setteth on me, less condoning my lamentations
I place my eyes on God
He ain't far away, it's getting harder just to publish poems... (Why now?)
Seeing the hearts today
Need revivals, to keep the dark at bay
Harps and strings, I'm grateful, if I can just supplicate to
They don't see what I see, I'm leading for He, and not me, perfect, I cannot be
But learning, like everybody, living...
I got no choice in the matter, for I'm an artist too
But under extra scrutiny, I can't say if it's good or bad
What the devil do to me, that's why, clever, shooting me
Miscue, a muse subduing me, to rule and just be
Through with me...
When there ain't been a reason for that
Misplacing witch-hunts, 'cause this, one, ain't that, just the Spirit, has fuel my whole desire
With, constant facts, evil tarries, see it's, coming back
I live honest, malice abideth, accompanying the wicked...
Still I know the fire, He taketh us through the tempest
God refines the ones He loves, and the evil
Gnashes teeth at the righteous...
I recall my younger days
Only fond thoughts, Psalms 119 back to 35
And what dawned y'all, may seems there's other ways, to the Light
But just a flame awaits, I know the love of Weh' shall suffice, and I embarrass nothing...
I don't owe, or know or wrong the evil that obsess with me
I didn't know some features until recently
Unpleasantries, no flexing, praising God, peaceful dwelling, evil messes with me
Death, it use as power, God devoured, with the Cross, His specialty is healing
Building, stillness, watch and pray...
A lot has changed, some prophecy fulfillment, was a lot to say
The Holy Word is paramount
Heard gunshots just for not embracing
What is only meant for harm, in time, it's a path
When grime (green) is worked, and certain cliques are
Formed to hide it with that...
So much that's unaccounted for
So much elaborately seeked
From mounds of old, to grounds of gold
But not what happened to me...
It's not a lie I speak the truth
If I'm a maverick
It's He
Of course, you know, that soon or later, evil'd backtrack to me, to mask that
Proof of God exists
Attach that to grief...
And make it seem like I'm some  problem when
The bad lashed at me, though I'm a sheep
He keep the stable
In contentment, so I'm hopeful still...
Eternity is home
It's not my fault the villian chose to steal (not right)
Or kill, and couldn't nobody help
I spoke on what I noticed in the spirit realm
You know, it's real, and felt all by myself
Ups and downs, the soul shall bear alone...
Never am I worried, for the Throne is whole-er than the globe
It ain't always easy
Then you learn to smolder in the cold...
Stronger, just a little bit, a foot of space, I multiply
For darkness, most the time, ain't on the mind
Diplomacy is heartless
Farthest from the
Light, no shallow battles, only guards and knights
The Lord exalted those who served Him largely like a part of life...
Visioned, landscapes of mountain ranges, and flower mazes
Tower paintings, lighthouses, fountains
And boundless crowds of ravens...
Ain't to the point of retirement or there's no attacks
Forms of persecution normalized, shouldn't be normal though
Shouldn't be used to it, but some has changed
As the story goes
My preoccupation is the same, in faith, the Lord of hosts...
On the high road, light grows, minus bygone
Searching for the Lord with all of  my heart
Just want to serve you, Father
Please preserve the saints and every fervent worshipper
In faith
And the other stuff, ain't concerned about, not my field of vision
Plus I'm drugless and I'm elated, and that's my disposition
Ripping down the falsehoods that's tossed on me
Trying to end the vision, but it's insufficient
I'm armed up, like Ephesians mentioned, if I'm all alone, still my Sword up
And I mean the Scripture...
Represent for the Light, and what demeans me, guilty
Even in the storms, it's alright, I know my Jesus with me...
Clearing up the obscurity, I don't get the source
All I ever looked for was purity, I don't get discourse...
Love, forgiveness, no heresy, nor a kneel to me
I work for my Creator, He's able, when I can't yield
A speech, or action, when I'm trapped on all sides
From advancing for Him
Then I think of Romans eight twenty eight
My Crafter's loyal, patience is must, if it's in this life or not, a sure reward
For doing right, ain't playing with strife, I'm tired of saying this, like it's sin
satan sits trying to spot, the slightest crevice for distortion
Normal methods of torsion, ain't out the question
That for years, also bedding misfortune
For me, stories, according to contorted views
That's to stage, so many eyes, but no cheribim
They do that to maim, a point of origin, for points restored
Yokes, what care of him? Hopes, despair unveiled
Healing truth that remained, to gain oblivion
Who seek it, demon schemes being repeated
And organizing situations so  they'd see me defeated
And fortifying, like some form of grimy market for
My hurt and sorrow
That I been rejected, only suffering
If it serves the Father...
I'm not blind, I can see, the seeing, hear the hearing, feel the feelings
If I'm aware
Of my unknowns, untold, behold, unfolding realms
Atmospheres, and spirit codes and notions...
When in older times
Bolder lines, and boundaries
Delicacies to the point
The soul of mine couldn't channel peace...
Or handle, ain't deserve, ain't discern, I made it work, later on, it'd take it's toll
An angel came to break the curse...
And then, the wicked wanted more to do
I sort of grew, I use that very rubric to enforce that kind before it drew...
But this line's a different type, only did in Light
According to the lands and the hands that did the
Scripture's writes...
Since it wasn't none of that (though)
So it's none of that
Equal measure evens out unless deciding to plunder
Despise the honest path
My love's unrelated
And that explains like half the flak that comes
Because I'm behaving
I often think about the hanging out
In peacefulness
The strangest word
And evil slays your eagerness unless it may embrace them first...
And plus, you have to watch deceitfulness
'Cause satan lurks, but faith is firm
Just cling unto the Lord's Words and seek the Kingdom
Then, the rest is added to you when He's pleased
Or sees a season where you need it
And sometimes, He'll do it just to please----
He's worthy! Praises
Tardigrade, see, learning basics ain't just for early phases
Tuning out the devil, no worries, I can discern my Savior's
Organisms... But nothing He ain't create, of course
Suited up eternally, ready, let satan hate some more
Double standards, coupled with heavy distortion
Major torments, memories, forgiven, the testimonies I place in portraits...
While I try to survive in this time of waxing worse
The Kingdom is at hand
And this ending is in the Scripture too


Dexsta Ray, Faith, God, Hope, Life, Persecution, Prayer, Spiritual, Symbolic, Truth

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