Teach me the way to freedom

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Teach me the way to freedom is a spiritual conversation between a teacher and student. The conversation takes place in the school of life where the lessons are usually hard. The subject is freedom.

Teach me the way to freedom

The teacher asks, who are you
I reply,
I am slave by my own self
I am confessor to my own sin
I am stranger in my own skin
I am prisoner in my own body
I am fugitive in my own land
I’m swimming in my own river of tears
I’m drowning in my own ocean of sadness

My first name is Human, and last name, ADAM
My faith is crucified
My body is naked with neither soul nor mind
My heart is blind
I am neither black nor white; my race is mankind
I am student in an empty class
Fear is my only friend
Silence is my only language
The place is the school of life, on a road called the unknown
The time is dark
The climate is internally cold
The lessons are hard,
The subjects are hate, famine and war
The final exam is coming,
The school bell is ringing,
The biological clock is ticking,

I’m not ready
I’m searching for my pencil in a stack of bullets
I’m searching for my thoughts in a stack of ignorance
I’m searching for my soul in a stack of emptiness
I’m searching for a hope in a stack of shattered dreams
I’m searching for a key in a pile of locks

My eyes are wide open but I can’t see
My heart is beating but I can’t breathe
My lips are moving but I can’t speak

I pause, and then I say,

Teach me the way
Fill my soul with life
Feed my thoughts with knowledge
Replace the bullet with a pencil
Replace the night with day
Let the sun shine in my cell
Make me see with my heart
Give me peace in my mind
Light my way to freedom

Then the teacher says,

Freedom is a spiritual journey and the road to salvation is in your soul
The destination is the unity between your mind and heart
Knowledge is the key to freedom
Here is your pencil, hold on to it and never let go
First, learn about your own self
Dig deep in your soul
Discover the mystery of own existence
Then, educate others about who you really are
You can’t build a nation without education

Before knowledge comes discipline
Let your conscience be your new friend
Liberate yourself from your own self
Invade your mind and free your thoughts
Evade your anger and resist your temptations
You can’t build a home without a foundation

The teacher pauses, and then He says,
Sail the ship of peace in the ocean of love to the land of giving

Peace will liberate your mind from fear
Be your own messenger for peace
Find the peace that’s dormant within you
You can’t give what you don’t have in you

Love will liberate your heart from sadness and hate
Remember, the heart is the temple of love
Keep it clean at all time
You can’t see if your heart is blind
Love yourself first
Then, love your brother as you love yourself
Hate for your brother whatever you hate for yourself

Giving will liberate your soul form selfishness and greed
Let peace and love be the windows for your soul
Give your brother whatever exceeds your need
Don’t sleep if your neighbor is in need
Be fair before you receive justice
Remember, whatever you give, it will come back to you

The truth will always set you free
Think freely whenever you want
Speak freely whatever you think
And do whatever you say
Let your actions agree with your thoughts and words
If you do what you know,
Then you will gain the knowledge of the unknown

And remember,

Don’t regret the past, the past is history
Don’t fear the future, the future is mystery
Live the present, the present is you


Freedom, Giving, Love, Peace

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author avatar Ra'ana Khan
11th Jul 2012 (#)

very well written, but more than that very well expressed. Intense thoughts, emotions and feelings ... all of which I could completely relate to. I think for the first time I have come across someone who has written about something beyond "worldly love" and has carried it through with much depth and passion.

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author avatar M.Elbadawi
12th Jul 2012 (#)

Thank you very muchRa'ana Khan. We often think about slavery when a man salves another man; however the real slavery is when a man becomes salve to his/ her own desires and temptations, and the ultimate freedom is when you liberate yourself from your own self. Once again thanks a lot for your worm words.

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