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These people work, hard to nurture and stimulate the mind


Sometimes we do not give any sort of recognition
To those people whose time effort and tireless dedication
Were that catalyst, maintain the reaction, as they nurture and groom
Those young inquisitive mind, to that responsible flower, when bloom.

Imagine come from a familiar place, a very comfortable environment
Now thrown among others, a bit confused in that mind's department
Cannot see that one face, who you know will give that comfort
It is now up to someone else, to make that effort.

Through that period you get to learn to trust and build a bond
Making some relationships, and so with others get along
All the while someone was there to quell those fears
And to help sort out any differences between you and your peers.

As time progress, this brought along that feeling of confidence
Demonstrating self assurance, and so displaying intelligence
All of this is observed and much is done to maintain that fertility
By that one person, who know that the next step is coming up quickly.

This time the next step is not taken with such apprehension
Because this time you are making it with some of your companions
So there is some bit of familiarity, because there will be another revelation
Because after each period of an hour, you will meet another person.

But as always there will be one assigned to your area
Assisting the whole group, can be consulted on any matter
Collecting and sharing all the information, from the other facilitators
Monitoring progress and also steering across the waters of the future.

As each steps ends, an newer and challenging one begins
But as always that steady, knowing and comforting hand remains
So after years, tests and fears, there is always that treasure
That no one on earth can measure, in the great value of a teacher.


Dedicated, Kind, Nurture, Proactive, Steering, Thoughtful

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author avatar Songbird B
2nd Jun 2011 (#)

How true this is, Poetic...I still look fondly back on some of the wonderful teachers that touched my life as a child...Lovely poem as always, my friend..

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author avatar Retired
12th Jun 2011 (#)

A wonderful poem honoring the teacher. Thanks!

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