Teaching The Ignorant

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This article is about teaching good things to the ignorant people and made them to get awareness.

Teaching The Ignorant

Some people are interested in criticizing others for their ignorance, but this activity is wrong. If you are good in everything and have the ability to correct other persons mistake, you must teach the ignorant person instead of criticizing them. Not every one is good in all the fields. Each and every one is unique and have their own talents and skills in some thing and they have the ability to achieve a lot in their field. Some people are good in writing, some are good in dancing and so on. If you find one of your friend is doing some mistake and you are good in that field, you must correct your friend's mistake and made him to realize his fault instead of making fun with his/her activity and criticizing them.

We all have our own skills and talents. Not every one is good in all the things in the world, different kind of people having their own skills in different field and achieving a lot with their skills. Some times some skilled persons also make some mistakes. As we know, "To Err is human". Not every one is apart from mistakes, if we find some mistake in other persons activity we must correct the mistake and teach the good thing to them, instead of criticizing them. We don't get any benefits by criticizing the ignorant person.

We will get more happiness and satisfaction while teaching new things to the people whoever interested in learning it. If we are good in our field, we must teach it to the other people whoever interested in it. By teaching others, we will get in depth knowledge in our field and update our knowledge based on the recent trend.

Avoid criticizing other for their silly mistakes and show their fault to them and teach the correct thing to the ignorant person, it will help them as well as you will get more satisfaction with your activity.


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25th Jan 2013 (#)

How do I tell my fiance that he doesnt know what he is doing without insulting him

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