Tech bosses not to let their kids to use it

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In 2010, Steve Jobs was asked if his kids had liked the new Iphone from Apple, but he answered that they hadn't seen it and that at home they limited the use of gadgets.

Tech bosses not to let their kids to use it

In 2010, Steve Jobs was interviewed in the NYT and when asked if his kids had liked Apple's latest iphone launched only four months before, he answered that they hadn't used it, because at home they limited their use of it.
In Silicon Valley, there's an exclusive school called Waldorf that is attended by the employees's children from companies such as Google, Hewlettt Packard, Apple or Yahoo, which has no screens or computers and this school is pretty expensive.
This piece of news let me thinking about the topic of technology and its use by children and teenagers.
Many of these employees in these companies are real experts in IT. Their homes should be full of it and of all sort of gadgets. However, they don't and they limit the use of it to their children. They aren't wrong knowing as they know the insides of it and how addictive it can be.
Time will be when these children will have to use it, but meanwhile thy want their children to read and to study and to live up their time to the full, I think. If they want their kids to excel in a chosen field in future, they can't let them to get hooked on Ipods, Ipads or Tablets for hours on end. Not everything can't be learned via the Internet or the powerful gadgets, even though, there's a lot of useful information online, but there's also a lot of crap one.
I was in my late 20's when I first learned on how to use a computer. In my 40's I learned about the Internet, had my first email address and I even had a brief go on chats. I wouldn't say I'm an expert on IT, but I know quite a bit and I can manage well. Before this time, I had read a good handful of books. I had partied away and I had gone up to the mountains and I had travelled into a handful of countries as well.
I think I do understand these high tech bosses's stance on use of technology, because they know the insides and know how addictive can to the extend of not letting us do something else.

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