Tell Me How You Feel

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This could be to a person you want to know how they feel about you.

Tell Me How You Feel

Trisha Barrek Hopkins

As you stare
I see your gorgeeous eyes
You want to share your thoughts
You want to say what's on your mind
You want to love and care
As I stare back at you
I see a gorgeous gentle caring and polite person
I see someone true
I want to tell everyone I love you
But no one wants to listen
If only they knew
I want to tell you how I feel
But don't know how to put it in words
Just listen to the birds sing
The love we share
The joy you bring
The life so fair
It such a beautiful thing
Things from my thoughts
I need to know if you really care
I need to know if you are really true

Tell me how you feel
Towards me
Tell me in your own words
Tell me the feelings that come from your heart
On how you would like us to be
That can be a start
To a better relationship
You told me you loved me
I don't know if I can trust
I know I don't show it
But I feel the same way
I care for you too
Hopefully we'll be together someday
I don't know if I can believe
Show me we are meant to be
Promise me you won't break my heart
Promise to share your feelings with me
Promise you won't care what people think
I promise I'll never tare your heart apart

I promise to make us be
Promise to never start
Something you can't finish
Show me you care
Treat me with love honesty and respect
Show me you'll dare
Show me you'll never leave me
Tell me you'll pick me up when I'm down
Tell me how you feel
Tell me your true
I want to know what your thoughts are
Tell me I won't get hurt
Lets wish on a star
Are you falling in love with me
Or are you playing this game to see
On how far you can get
Please tell me you love me for me
You asked why I cared what happens to you
Well I would miss your gentle stare
Your caring heart
Your kidding dares
Your perfect smile
Your gorgeous eyes
I would miss you...the best part
You make me feel different
You are always in my heart

I get to act silly when I am around you
And you won't think I am acting foolish
You hold your temper
Just for me
When I joke around with you
You don't take it wrong
Our friendship will last
It is so strong
You say please
When I ask you
You try your best
That makes me happy
To me your better then the rest
You always try to cheer me up
And tell me to smile after I told you no
But it always works
Our love you won't test
My feelings for you are growing fast not slow
You have that look
That makes me crazy
You show you do care in your own way
My heart is what you took
To keep in your special place

All I see when I close my eyes
Is your gorgeous face
And bluer skies
Your gentle touch
It puts me to the test
When your not close
I miss it so much
You comfort me
And say everything will be okay
You match the dream guy I always wanted
I pray for each day
Just maybe if I wished hard enough
We'll be right for eachother
I'd be able to trust again
That I wish would be for us to care
For one another forever
Tel me how you feel
I'd wish on a millionstars
To have you by my side
Caring for me like you do
I'd make a deal
That I'd treat you with love honesty and respect
I would always be extra true
We would stick together like strong glue
I would always care
I hope this would be an affect
On your heart mostly
And in your mind too



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author avatar Trisha M.Hopkins
37, Mother of 2 gorgeous daughters 13 n 10, Found my high school sweetheart after 15 years and now we celebrated our 1yr anniversary aug-27-13. Ill never let him go no matter what. I Love poetry

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
27th Oct 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing your poetry. It's very heartfelt and nice.

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author avatar Trisha M.Hopkins
29th Oct 2015 (#)

You're very welcomed. Thanks for reading. Glad you like it. Did you get the chance to read my other poems/ballads?

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