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No temptation has taken man which is not common, we are tested every day of our lives, and we get the victory when we put our trust in the Lord, Jesus did not yield to temptation,

Watch and pray

Temptations has the power to lead a person to commit sin, if they are not forcefully resisted, individuals may experience the unpleasantness of anxiety, and the test proves difficult for some to handle. There is a sense of consistency in which we expect people to behave properly in society, the same applies for those who are faith believers, and temptation is an attempt upon our integrity to find flaws in our virtue.

When we fall into temptation, this is not wrong, temptation can make us stronger; however, if we yield to temptation it brings sin, and sin is coming up short of a righteous standard, which ultimately will bring death. Before that process sets in, God can change us, we can also change our mindset and behavior, and of course God requires that we first recognize our willingness to reverse wrongful practices, by allowing his Spirit to identify the process and we make the necessary corrections.

The enticement to sin can incur guilt and make the heart wander from the path of uprightness, it will also block the inheritance of God’s blessing and enslave the doer into Satanic snare, when Satan entice Adam and Eve to disobey God, they forfeit mankind's dominion, and gave Satan power to rule over the known world, but Christ death on the cross won back mankind's right to rule over this world, even though the adversary remains presently, the prince of the power of the air.
Even our failure to plan, the lack of knowledge, unbelief, self will, false illusions and wrong motives, misconnect assessment, adulteration of principles, miss opportunities, dishonesty, these are just some of the points, and there are many more not listed, that may lead to unnecessary suffering.
How do we compare our suffering with those who have gone on before, and have endured fiery trials?

In the future, what kind of suffering awaits us?
We see the signs all around us, and they are not so pleasant, yet there is reluctance on the part of mankind to acknowledge the inevitable, arrogance camouflage the short sightedness of what the future holds, many who can visualize are already terrified of the events that will eventually unfold in the coming years. Our debt problem is insurmountable, we will never be able to pay off the money we owe, many creditors will become slaves to the lenders, and people will be hounded down for payment.

shortly before Christ returns to rapture his church, Satan’s power will have grown stronger and wider, by the fore of demonic activities that he will instigate, it will be a time of suffering, that will prove to be more terrible than what we are presently enduing, and twice as greater than what has previously gone on in other generations, for most of us the suffering that mankind will go is unimaginable.

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, watch and pray lest you enter into temptation, Mark 14:38.


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author avatar muthusamy
21st Feb 2011 (#)

How temptations lure us? Neatly written article.

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