Tending To The Thoughts

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My new article is about Thoughts. What actually are thoughts. How do they shape our present and destiny and ultimately makes us what we are.? I hope you like it.

Tending To The Thoughts

Thoughts are a protuberance of mind and undoubtedly the most powerful weapon a man is blessed with.
And with the right nurturance it can achieve victories on earth.
With each side of multidimensional life; it's a new page daily and surely a new thought everyday to ponder upon.
No no...don't get me wrong. Of course! I am not transforming into a bald headed baba ""Guruji Roni"" but a little spirituality is no harm . :P
Thoughts are caged emotions....
Seeking a soul quite impressionable....
Still being a little vulnerable...
But with a will undeformable.

Thoughts as you might know lead to actions and it is these actions that define our deeds and ourselves. Self realization is just a protuberance of thought which is equally important to be dawned.

Having almost nothing to do for quite some days and feeling too lonely deep inside I realized..""In utter sheer lonliness and emptiness that life rests on us it is none other than "Thoughts" that evoke in us and transform this very dreaded feeling and help us move on and further.""
A person without thoughts is...
A human without a brain...
A wagon without wheels....
Unstable,Immobile and useless indeed. ---Rounak Singh

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author avatar shallimarRose
27th Apr 2012 (#)

Enjoyed this.. love the comparison "a person without thought like a wagon without wheels.. nice piece.. sR

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author avatar Rounak Singh
1st Nov 2012 (#)

But still I am not working hard on writing these days ... Hope to get some time from medcal examination preparation..and wl agn b ryt back on it..!!:)

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author avatar shallimarRose
12th Mar 2013 (#)

"Thoughts lead to action, actions define us" Yes its the thoughtless actions that we dont want to define us. Enjoyed reading. Ty for sharing. shallimar

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