Terran Empire vs. Rebel Alliance in Civil War

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This is a Star Wars-like science-fiction scenario pitting the Terran Empire against a Rebel Alliance.

The Terran Empire

The Terran Empire dominates much of the Milky Way Galaxy and even has a presence in the Milky Way's satellite galaxies. The Imperial government has it's capital on the planet Earth. The Imperial Sovereign is the symbolic head of state, but the real power is vested in the two chambers of the Imperial Senate. The senators of the Upper Chamber obtain their seats by hereditary means while the Lower Chamber is mostly composed of senators elected by the assemblies of interstellar sectors, with the sector assemblies themselves composed of planetary representatives appointed by the governments of individual worlds. The ruling Imperial Sovereign and the Upper Chamber senators often use artificial cloning methods to create their biological heirs.

Much authority in the Terran Empire is vested in the Council of Thirteen, composed of 13 senators randomly selected from the ranks of the Imperial Senate once per year. The Imperial Sovereign is the commander-in-chief of the Imperial military and police forces, and also has veto powers over legislation passed by the Imperial Senate, but in practice the Sovereign rellies on the advice of the Council of Thirteen in fulfilling his role as commander-in-chief and deciding whether to veto a proposed law. The Council of Thirteen assumes the Sovereign's powers when the ruler of the Empire is incapacitated. The Council of Thirteen also serves as an executive administrative body and supreme court. The Council also appoints various judges and government officials.

In cases the position of Imperial Sovereign is vacant, the Council of Thirteen exercises the powers of a true Sovereign. If the Sovereign dies or resigns without an heir, the Upper Chamber of the Imperial Senate elects a new Sovereign.

The Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guard is the interstellar military and police force of the Terran Empire. It has three main branches: the Judicial Forces, the Imperial Starfleet, and the Auxiliary Forces. The Judicial Forces are the main law-enforcement agency within the Terran Empire, and is composed of ground troops (both robots and organic soldiers) and it's own FTL fleet of armed spaceships. The Imperial Starfleet is the main military spacefleet of the Empire, and it is composed of large, heavily armed, FTL-capable warships as well as smaller, sublight fighter ships. The Starfleet also has organic Imperial Navy Troopers indoctrinated to serve the Terran Empire without regret and robotic Imperial Walkers that aid the Imperial Navy Troopers in ground operations. Imperial Walkers have computer brains programmed with unswerving loyalty to the Imperial cause not unlike the indoctrination of Navy Troopers. The Auxiliary Forces are composed of private mercenary forces that are hired by the Imperial government to aid the Judicial Forces and the Imperial Starfleet.

The influence of special interests

Certain organizations representing special-interest groups have won the right tp directly appoint a limited number of senators to the Lower Chamber of the Imperial Senate on Earth. They are mostly private interstellar corporations like Galactic Industry and Commerce Inc. and the Astrotech Cartel. But they also include the Galactic Federation of Labor (representing workers' unions), the Council of Faith (representing various organized religions), and the Peacenik League (an anti-war groups).

Humans and Aliens

Humans are by far the most numerous organic race within the area of the universe controlled by the Terran Empire. Over 65 percent of the organic population of the Empire is homo sapiens. The most numerous races of sentient aliens include the cat-like Thunderians, the dog- or wolf-like Vargar, and the green-skinned, pointy-eared Vulcanis.

Virtually all Imperial Sovereigns and almost all Upper Chamber senators have been human, although a considerable number of Thunderians, Vargar, and Vulcanis have been elected as senators to the Lower Chamber.

The Imperial Civil War

The Terran Empire has erupted in civil war! The old Imperial Sovereign, Anne Vynar the 12th, died without producing an heir either through cloning, adoption, or natural reproduction. Her cousin Jonathan Stevens Vynar was narrowly elected by the Imperial Senate's Upper Chamber over the charaismatic male Thunderian Lion-O Primus as the new Sovereign.

However, Lion-O Primus and rogue factions of the Imperial Senate, Judicial Forces, and Auxiliary Forces after a few months proclaim the formation of a Rebel Alliance in order to create a new galactic regime where that is no longer largely dominated by humans. Most Thunderians and Vargar, as well as a handful of humans and Vulcanis, support the Rebel Alliance. Most humans and Vulcanis, as well as minorities as Thunderians and Vargar, continue to support the Terran Empire.

The Rebel Alliance's main support is within the Milky Way Galaxy itself, while the satellite galaxies are mainly pro-Imperial.

The Alliance's military forces include defectees from the Judicial and Auxiliary Forces, the military and police forces of anti-Imperial planets, and a number of hired mercenaries..

Changes in the Imperial Government

Under the rule of Sovereign Jonathan Stevens Vynar, the Lower Chamber of the Imperial Senate and the Council of Thirteen are dissolved, the old Senate's Upper Chamber is renamed the Imperial High Council, and the ruling Sovereign assumes more political and governmental powers.

The present situation

The Imperial Civil War currently has raged for seven years. Lion-O Primus has been killed in battle and leadership of the Rebel Alliance has passed to a Provisional Council. The fighting between the Terran Empire and the Rebel Alliance has slowly but surely turned the tide in favor of the Empire.


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