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Though technology has placed our society into heights, we must never jeopardize our etiquette with convenience and practicality

Text-SMS Etiquette: The 'K' reply

You consume almost five to 10 minutes constructing your text or SMS message and took another few minutes to review it before you finally send it to the recipient. After sending the precious message, you wanted for 20-30 minutes for the reply or worst half day. You waited patiently since included in the SMS is a question or somehow an expression you wanted someone to talk to. Suddenly, the message you’ve been waiting for arrived. You are too excited because this could be the start of the conversation. You open slowly. Then finally you read the reply----“k.”

How will you react?

Your efforts in constructing the message finally ended up with a one-letter word, “k”. The recipient has nothing more to say but k or okay or probably I get your point but I do not have time to talk about this at the moment. I received or experience this “k” conundrum before which pissed me off that I made a poem to help me remember that there are some people who are insensitive enough to give a decent reply. My first encounter made my really mad that it ruined my whole day. I don’t believe that I am worth a ‘k’ after a message I have composed with deliberate thoughts and sincerity

To tame my rage I made a poem I would like to share here:


How pricey did words cost today
That some can’t just afford to pay?
How cold-hearted people have turned
To kill a conversation and let it burned

Hey! this is my happiest day, I….
I’m wrecked; I’m struggling with these s#@% and…

Sincere meaningful words float into dust
As one-letter reply shun them in disgust
Purest efforts shattered
Self-worth battered

(Source: www.brewingabetteryou.com I published the complete poem at my blogsite. )

Give A Decent Reply

I don’t believe that just because people are too busy or disinterested they already have the right to be rude, insensible, and insensitive. I am sorry to those people who think it is practical to reply a ‘k’ but for me it is unacceptable especially if the message requires some specific information.

The advancement of technology somehow erodes etiquette. Replying with decency is creates a better communication path and connection rather than simply sending the letter ‘K’. Here’s my shortlist of how communication should be carried:


Instead of sending that ‘k’, you can simply send a short but courteous reply like “I have read your message and I’ll get back to you later” In this way, people will not feel disregarded or offended. A reply that shows your interest will compensate the efforts they have exerted in sending you that message.


Though it is a cliché to say that honesty is still the best policy even in communication honest replies far build better communication ties than a disrespectful act. When I am disinterested with the longest text message of a friend, I will usually tell my friend about it and would propose on a compromise arrangement. In this way, I value my friend’s effort at the same time being honest with what I really think.

I don’t think that it is much effort to reply with a courteous, honest, and decent text message than to rebuild a broken relationship caused by insensible, incentive, and rude response.


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author avatar SaigonDeManila
11th Mar 2015 (#)

You forgot to avoid giberish "jeremon" jargon and abreviated like lingo just to save some characters and checking the spelling properly. i remember a story of my own brother when an inquiry landed on his phone asking of he is selling his "buhay"(life) instead of "bahay" (house). He replied that even he was in dire need he would not consider selling his life yet! Lol

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