That Act

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It is so amazing that we seem to forget the contribution of the earth

That Act

Let us all people of the earth unite in thought’s nation
In focus, purpose and be synchronized in our determination
And make that firm commitment and also a sense of duty
That we would in all our doing treat that earth considerately

It is so hypocritical that we gather on what is earth day
Of it we seem so concern by the attention some may pretend to pay
But like Christmas to each other on those other days of the year
There is little sentiments thus indicating that there is little care

Some of those things done and this is on many an occasion
Can be deem to be in the same state of an abusive relation
As we keep invading and destroying to extract that mineral wealth
Even those the resultant contamination can be harmful to others health

Gone too are those place with trees that depicted a landscape of green
Have now because of development departed that from the scene
Being replaced so quickly by that jungle composed of concrete
And there are so now so many places where this gets repeated

Now those beaches places for relaxation washed with pristine water
Are now deemed to be places that certainly spell some disaster
Sometimes there is effluence containing bacteria and those oil spills
Resulting in those who are dependent on such lots of personal ills

There were those days when my friends and I were children
Roaming those fields something we did quite often
Seeing migratory birds and insects of many different variety and specie
Now today the sight is one that makes me choke so tearfully

What a sight it is that make the system get that can please
As one behold an area punctuated with a variety of fruit trees
Seeing those many birds and bees flitting among them
And the air filled with the aroma of blossoms and fruit as they ripen


Abuse, Carelessness, Exploitation, Polution

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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
27th Apr 2013 (#)

Must be careful with our doings

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th Apr 2013 (#)

We are going overboard without a thought for tomorrow. We are reaching a point of no return - siva

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author avatar Alex Berry
27th Apr 2013 (#)

Soul satisfying read! However, it's intimidating too. All burning question together at a place. Thanks for sharing, hope we can be more careful and sensitive.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
27th Apr 2013 (#)

most insightful this...thank you...

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author avatar Songbird B
4th May 2013 (#)

Another powerful emotive cry out to treat our planet and ecology with more respect..You always drive the message home Poetic, and I love this rallying cry of awareness..If all should see as you do, we would have a much happier and peaceful earth to live on. \0/x

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