That Benefactor

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Even though help may be forthcoming the consequences may be hard to bear

That Benefactor

Managers of many countries this time will shake their heads
When they see that deficit which indicates that things are in the red
As the reality of the situation spells out that there is a precarious position
As there is the genuflection under the great weight of the recession

But who else to blame, who are the ones ultimately responsible?
Is the fact the for election purpose they made the populace feel all is possible
Did not in the process tell them to keep that spending and demands in check
Because if they do not there can be in a situation which may have a bad effect

This action even inflict a telling blow on those countries formerly of such boom
Are now at a stage where they are dancing to the tune of doom and gloom
Such is the state of affairs that the only recourse it to use that strong benefactor
Who will lend them money but the term and conditions will bring on further pressure

Among those measures imposed to help countries get out of that mess
They will have to address certain situations in order to past certain tests
This most certainly will reflect on the populace as they will feel the strain
Because in this process such will be translated into such great pain

But people remember you are not excused from this problem
Because of the preference for a life style way beyond that economic domain
Always be wary of during an election year those type of promises
Because they over time can put both country and population in a financial abyss

So people be wise just listen to and analyze the utterance of a politician
And do this even more during the period when there is an election
Because of you listen close their humor can be like that of a comedian
Also too remember that it is not they, but you who must take care of your problem

Now as a New Year approaches there will be even more uncertainty
As there is that talk of lay off and many will face such job security
Remember there is no joy when countries want that economic ailment to attend
Especially when the treatment and medication is being dispensed by the IMF hand


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14th Dec 2013 (#)

One has to be cautious about those seeming to do good

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