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She starts realizing things starting to happen, but will not tell anyone. She thinks she might be in danger herself.


Nikki stared out the bus window as it bounced along the winding road. She looked back down at the iPod to turn up the volume. She looked at her little sister sitting in the next seat. She was chattering with another six grader in the seat over. She never stops talking, Nikki thought. She saw a quick movement out of the corner of her eye as the bus stopped to let the next kid off. They bus beeped and made a hissing noise as the driver stopped and opened the doors. Nikki turned and looked out the window,she watched as a red bird was jumping and pecking at a smaller brown bird in the big tree.The poor little brown bird had one eye poked out,the blood had trickled down into it's beak. The feathers were almost all gone on top of its head and the feathers down its back matted with blood. It looked like the a tiny vulture,the dried blood crusting on some tips of the feathers.The bigger bird dived this time and landed knocking the other off balance it pinned the little one down, Its beak made contact on the empty bleeding eye socket and dug deep.
Nikki still watched as the bus pulled away,the girl that had gotten off didn't notice the birds in the tree. "Gross" she thought,turning her head away and shaking it. What.. Taylor turned and bounced in her seat. "What are you grossing about."
"Nothing" Nikki said,leave me alone. Taylor turned back to her friend, "Fine,sorry to bug you." she said.
She thought about had her day had gone.
Her teacher was coughing constantly and started to look a little pale. She had excused herself and left the classroom. A few minutes later the Principal came into the classroom and told them that their teacher was sent home and they would be having them go to their next class early. When Nikki entered the next class she sat next to the window,and looked at the clock. Two mores hours,yeah.
She was in Science this period, and it would go by pretty quick. Besides she had the best thing in science,because she is the one that gets to take care of the classroom pet. But today was different. The pair of five year old naked mole rats were running back and forth chasing each other along the long cage they were in. It seemed the male one, named Ben was chasing the yet smaller female Charlotte and cornering her against the side and was biting her ear. Nikki noticed that the other ear on the female had already been chewed off. She got up from her seat and quickly walked over to the cage.
Usually they were very timid and never really did much,today they were running so much that their heavy breathing could be heard. She reached down to the scared rat and the male jumped barely missing her hand. She heard the chomp sound as the rat tried snapping her. It fell to the side next to Charlottes back leg. Ben turned and seen the her leg rearing back,it was a quick sudden snap and the bottom half of the leg was gone. The rat let out a ear piercing scream, and Nikki picked up the running wheel and hit the male back to the other side of the cage. She grabbed the female and pulled her out and set her on the counter. When she closed the lid, the male jumped up and tried to bite her again. Wow,she thought that was close. She turned and looked at the female rat. Poor Charlotte and she picked up the rat. She turned and walked down the table. She noticed that Ben was frantically jumping at the glass. Tristen come here and help me! She yelled across the room to her friend. Tristen turned and seen the blood dripping down from the rat's leg onto Nikki's pants.


She shifted in her seat, and looked out the window again. They were almost to their bus stop. She looked down at the light blood stain on her pants leg. She had washed it off as good as she could, but it still had a dark tint to it. "Ick", she thought that was so totally gross today. The school bus came to a stop, and the bus driver opened the doors. She quickly got up, following her sister off the bus.


Blood Flow, Rats

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A mother of Four children. I live in Texas. I do writing as a hobby. Some yes are Zombie related. My kids get a kick out of them, so why not. They say it sounds good, so going by my first critics...

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