That Long Taxi Ride

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What if two strangers meet in a very unexpected situation? What if two strangers happened to be in a one taxi heading to the same direction? Are you willing to take the offer? Are you willing to risk your life with a complete stranger?

Which Way?

She was standing on a walk-path waiting for a taxi.
Her soft hair which is already short gave way to her round innocent face.
Accentuated with her Swarovski's earrings, she is a dazzling woman in a busy highway.
Her Bojo dress signatured her islander's spirit in a city vibe.
She was standing on a walkpath waiting for a taxi which could drive her home.

He was standing as if trying to look for something else.
His 5 feet 7 inches height stood out from the crowd.
His curly black hair coupled with beards tracing his mandibles and chin is
already a good sight.
With tattered jeans, checkered pale red and black polo, and sneakers were impressions of a city punk.

She was already impatient being stationary for quite sometime.
One thing, her right shoulder was giving way with her almost 5-kilo bag.
She sat down on a plant box edge in seconds then stood up again if ever a taxi passed by.
But luck left her at that time.
She was still waiting for a taxi to take her home.

He started walking towards her.
She saw him walking towards her.
He asked her a question.
She looked at him then instantly answered.

And in the next few minutes was a journey they didn't expect to happen...
They were in the same taxi.


The driver booted his engine and headed to the destination where both of them
were bound to.
Silence enveloped the passenger's seat.
They were both awkward.
A conversation must be initiated from either one of them as not to intensify
the awkwardness.
She asked, "Do you have any family member here in the city?"
He replied, "I have a brother and a relative living in the North."
She commented, "I see."
He broke the dead-end comment by saying, "Do you live here in the city?"
Lazily, she said, "Yeah. Been living here all my life."
Another moment of silence again.

He made a phone call. He spoke using his dialect of which she understood a little.
But it did not intimidate her nor scare her. In fact, she loved hearing the intermittent
rise and fall of his accent. For her, it was sweet.

She got her phone. She sent a text message to one of her friends.
She received an instant reply then called her friend up.
She was speaking excitedly. He could hear it through her voice.
He smiled and looked at her animated face that even in the busy city streets
where they could only hear the honking of the cars, he was entertained by a stranger.

A love song was heard over the radio as the taxi was approaching the bridge.
At this time, she was looking at the other side of the road - the left side.
While the song continued to play, she could hear him singing aloud.
The man manifested a baritone singing "marry your daughter..."
She smiled whilst imagining a lovely rendezvous.

He looked at the reflection of the window where she was looking at.
He saw her lips curled into a smile.
He continued singing the song. It was romantic for him.
The night, the ride and the music lightened the atmosphere with this female stranger
he asked for a direction some 10 minutes ago.
The occasion was unprecedented. But he liked it. She seemed harmless and angelic.

"Have you tried going to some places in Cebu?" she struck a conversation again.
"Not really. I have been to malls but never out-of-town," he replied.
"Oh! Cebu has a lot of places to visit especially if you love adventure."
"I have heard about canyoneering," he managed to continue the talk.
"Where? In Badian? Kawasan? Matutinao?" she started talking again.
"I don't have any idea.
But do you know how much it would cost for canyoneering?" he queried.
She immediately replied.

The radio continued playing love songs.
"The smile on your face..." he sang once more.
She wanted to look at him and tease him, if only he was her long time friend.
A stranger who wasn't shy to sing beside her was a different one.

"Where do you work?" she asked again. Breaking the silence again.
"I worked in a call center near Ayala," he answered.
"I love going to coffee shops," trying to change the course of a cliche conversation.
"Which coffee shops have you tried?"
"One which is in front of a certain university in Capitol."
"Coffee Prince," her precised answer.
"Yes. Do you know any other coffee shops?" he asked.
"Where? In this city? There is one - Cafe Talk." she answered.
"Tried it but its too sweet. 10 Dove St.? Do you know where that is?" he asked.
"Yeah. At A.S. Fortuna.
It's a good place there, too. If you love cakes or just to hang-around."
"Can you recommend a place?" he asked again.
"The Chocolate Chamber. It is one best spot for me. You can never go wrong with native
chocolates and extraordinary chocolate pizza which they only produce 10 in a day."
she answered in a matter-of-fact.
"I'll take note of that."

"Where are we?" he asked the female stranger again.
"1st bridge. Crossing." short response from her.
"So there is a 2nd bridge?" he looked cute with his jesting.
She replied with a smile., "Yeah. A few kilometers away from this side of the road,"
looking at the direction of the road.

She handed her share for the taxi fare as they were already near the agreed place.
He got it and finally, the taxi came to a halt.
He asked her if she didn't want to come down.
She said "no" and stayed inside the taxi.
But before he went out from the taxi he said, "By the way, I am Chris."
"I am Angel. Nice meeting you."
Then he shut the door and left.
As the taxi speeded away from the place where Chris left and while Angel still inside the taxi. She gave the driver
her house's direction.

It was a long taxi ride.
But for her, it was a sensible talk with a handsome stranger.
But for him, it was a great ride with a beautiful stranger.

*Note: It was a great Pre-Valentine date for a single woman like me.
It doesn't need a couple to celebrate the month of love but a conversation with a stranger was enough for me
to begin with believing that somewhere out there, the man destined for me is also waiting for the moment to meet me.
I am still waiting for the right "Chris" to sit beside me in a taxicab and to go home with me while striking a
great conversation during the long, taxi ride.
I am waiting "Chris".

Female stranger soon-to-be your Wife


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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
18th Feb 2016 (#)

Lovely sharing of taxi ride!

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author avatar angel
19th Feb 2016 (#)

Ahaha...thank you was fun, though...

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