That Mission

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We are all living here with different culture, religion and have areas to promote lots of variations.

That Mission

On a deep though one should realize that the nations of the earth
Have places that are similar but yet there are areas so diverse
There can be a certain hemisphere blessed with many a mineral
That it does not take much for getting them to be available

But those peculiarities certainly seem not to come to a stop
In a certain period some can be cold whilst others remain hot
Then there are those quite favorable to certain vegetation and crops
Take then to another place and the growth is retarded or sporadic

Many have shore that are washed by the waters of seas from an ocean
And too have the conditions to have certain fish of a particular speciation
But what is so amazing that the waters of another area will be of a saline concentration
That will not be the right condition to support the growth of that population

How often we may hear that a place is top in the world of manufacturing
Because the raw material is available and is very economical in extraction
And so to its other competitors can be of a force that is so formidable
As too they can sell that product to the consumer at a price so affordable

Places too may have very large and constantly growing population
Hence unemployment may be high and this in itself can be a problem
So face with this problem the leadership may use this as recourse
And decide to take the work from other countries in the form of outsource
Then in that race to be a place which can be considered fueled by a quaternary industry
There is that need to embrace and be on par with the necessary technology
So there is that is that tendency to pursue research and development assiduously
Because many people have become educated and training and retraining is being done actively

One cannot discount the important to some areas of religion
There are those ones that leaned heavily to the bible others the Quran
Death to one set is a form of resurrection and also other reincarnation
To another side suicide for a cause can be depicted as a form of martyrdom

So as a people we will be guided by our culture and geographical location
Therefore as we opened our minds to embrace other thought are exposed to information
We would appreciate that despite the language, climate and other differences
That we all have to same goal; and that is to ensure that continued existence


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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
11th Nov 2012 (#)

Yes we are all here to work together

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