That Old Derelict High School, Chapter Four

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'Oh my GOD! means. It wasn't a nightmare. I...I really was attacked and bitten by a zombie!!'

That Old Derelict High School, Chapter Four

Suddenly, the alchemist-ghoul vanished into thin air. He had come only to convey a message, or a warning to be more precise. Nancy pulled her hair, clearly agitated and distressed at the traumatic and disturbing experience.
'I...can't even tell anyone. They'll think I'm losing my mind. Even I think I am.' Tears ran down her face and she stared at the floor and around her. Everything was clear and normal, as it always was. Even the bits of the ghoul's flesh and all the blood stains had faded away.
'What happens, if he comes back again?' She ran for the light switch and turned it on.
Nancy went to the main room and put the t.v on. She sat down and placed the news channel on. For a moment, everything was normal. The weatherman was reading the forecast around Britain. She sank back on her chair and her eyes began to slowly shut.
'Oh, Mike, I miss you so much. I wish you were here with me.
Just then, the scene changed and a video began to play. It was an old creepy building which looked very familiar. It took a moment for Nancy to recognise it, but when she did, her eyes widened in horror.
'That's the old derelict high school!' As if that wasn't enough, suddenly the same alchemist ghoul appeared and he stared right at her. And then his long arm reached out from out of the t.v set.
'Call him back; NOW!!!'
to be continued...

That Old Derelict High School, Chapter Eight
Back at The Floral Inn, Bed and Breakfast, Mike sat in his room, on a chair, and unpacked his hand baggage. The view from the window was from the front side, so he could see the long winding road which had brought him here.
'Tomorrow, first thing in the morning, I'm heading off to that old derelict high school.' He stood up and began to explore the bathroom. There was a shaving kit, an extendable mirror with magnification. The w.c had a seal paper strap across it. All cosmetics were in neat small packets and new washed and folded towels which rested on a shower shelf.
'Ah, that's really nice. I know I'm going to enjoy it here. I...' He said to himself. His words were cut short when he noticed something across his neck. He came up closer to the magnified mirror and saw a long deep cut across his throat, which was healing up. For a few seconds, he was lost in thought that how did it get there, but then he recollected his nightmare.
'Oh my GOD! means. It wasn't a nightmare. I...I really was attacked and bitten by a zombie!!'

That Old Derelict High School, Chapter Four

' means...I'm going to turn into one of those things.'
Mike gazed at his hands. His fingernails were starting to turn pale and chip away. His teeth were yellow instead of the usual white. And most prominent of all was his overall complexion. He was as white as snow.
'I have to get to that old derelict high school. At first it was sheer curiosity; but now I have a genuine reason, which is to find a cure to my disease.'
He wished he could go this moment, but it was too late and he preferred to go in the daytime. Mike stared out of the window again It was pitch black, only the full moon was glowing. Just then, there was a click on his door. Mike rushed to open it, but it was locked from the outside.
'What is going on here!?' 'I'm going to complain to reception about this.' He went to the phone but it was seemingly dead, until an eerie, almost chocked and pained voice, like from beyond the grave, spoke menacingly.
'Don't even dare to come to the old derelict high school. If you do, it is your death warrant, and there will be no turning back...hhssss' Then the phone cut.
'Hello, reception, Angie speaking. How may I help you?' Mike's eyes widened in horror and he broke into a sweat.

to be continued...


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