That Timing

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Somethings we pray for something and they are answered in a strange manner

That Timing

There is no doubt it has to be very hard when a mother cried
Because not matter the situation she will definitely tried
Especially when Christmas is fast approaching and nothing will be there
How would she be able to see her children happy at this time of the year?

But it was so deep when from her position she could hear her daughter
In the room and perhaps on her knees as she was praying to the master
Her word so clearly echoed the room as she asked for something better
Especially for her mother to get some work so they may not suffer

Now as Christmas approaches she would see the happy faces of her friends
Going shopping in their nice clothes and returning with things in their hands
But as for her she could not go as there was not clothes or shoes for her feet
And as luck would have it there would be nothing much there for them to eat

How she remembered those days when things were much better
But then went down quickly after the departure though death of her father
Who was on a tour of duty when his vehicle was ambushed and cut down?
When they were doing one of those patrols to keep the peace in a town

She kept on praying asking God for something too for her little brother
Saying he has been a very good boy and nothing will make him happier
How she kept at and in the light was the reflection from the tear running down her cheeks
It was so touching and heart touching it would be such blessing of she got what she seeks

And if by some miracle there was such a loud knock at the door
This was such a surprise the never happened to there before
So they all run into the same room and try to keep very quiet
Hoping this to the visitor would have some type of effect

But the knocking did not stop so then he decided to sound his voice
Hello my sister don’t you recognized you brother my sister Joyce
They all rushed out to greet him and the scenery was one so happy
He said little children you uncle has come to make your Christmas Merry

The little girl looked up and knew that her prayers have been answered
The timing has been right and at the moment that has really mattered
And what made it better things from then onward will certainly change
Uncle was well off and life would certainly take on another range


Gift, Miracle, Occasion, Prayer, Response, Timing

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25th Dec 2013 (#)

Something like a miracle

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