That Which is Crooked Cannot Be Made Straight

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The sentencing of Satan to death in the first Heaven Age...

That Which is Crooked Cannot Be Made Straight

If you’ve known since you were a child that they had to be more to the Word of God than you’ve been taught – then this book is for you…
The Universes of God: The Chronicles of the Angels

That which is crooked cannot be made straight: and that which is wanting cannot be numbered

Luciah trembled before The One.
All Heaven was glued to their screens to see what The One would do. Hundreds of holographic cameras floated in front of Luciah. The Throne Room was filled with the entourages of The One.. He could sense their disgust as they probed him. He was naked here, for there were billions of witnesses to every word he would say. This was dire. He felt trapped by circumstances spinning beyond his control for his every word would be an open book for public inspection. The One was the consummate political tactician - he felt foolishly venerable. What was he thinking? There was no escape from a summons.
The four Zoon flew down from the Thrones, circled lazily and landed next to him. The massive Zoon were only inches from him, two on each side with eight hundred threatening eyes piercing him coldly. He could smell their sweet breath as they breathed. Luciah was bathed in the red smoke rising from their pores. The sea of cameras shifted.
"Greetings Luciah, May the One be with you."
This was a trap. He did not know what to say. The pause was an eternity as billions waited for his response. Luciah said nothing knowing his thoughts were his worst enemy, making him transparent before this mighty being. The free reign given, the two billion numbers of life he possessed, even to the last meeting with his Elite, he summarily regretted. But as he was about to respond The One continued.
"Why are you continuing to bare your teeth against us?"
"I stand here guilty as you know. And I have said many things I know you don't like. But if my eternities end, so must the eternities of all who follow me. I have no choice but to accept your will." He won't kill two billion of his children; he loves them too much.
"My will is your repentance," Yahaveh said softly.
"You know I can't do that."
"I do not know. I cannot change what I am. I am unable to change my thought processes. You know I tried," Luciah said sadly.
"And you think it is because of your thought processes why I did not accept you and took your robe?"
"Did I take our seal off your forehead and my name off your thigh?"
"No you didn't."
"Why didn't I take all your symbols of office from you?
"I still don't know. I never understood why."
"It was because I still believed in you and remembered fondly all the eternities you use to love me. You were the first to stumble. Never did I think it would be you for we were closer than close. And you hurt us deeply. But we never dreamed because of that failure, blind arrogance and pride would lead you to dig a pit and burrow deep, take billions with you and seal it so there'd be no possibility of reconciliation. Before that, we believed in your potential to return to us. Don't you realize we could have forgiven you and returned your former glory? Don't you know all things are possible with The One? But, it never once crossed your mind to even talk to me."
Luciah didn't know what to say. Deep down inside he felt like a fool. He had horribly misjudged The One. The One did truly love him, but he was guilty of the unthinkable. He involved billions in his betrayal - it could not be undone. And his heart withered like a prune. And he knew he was envious, desiring melding, wanting to be The One and stand supreme in the Sides of the North. But it was only a clinical third person internal review of his desires, shortcomings and poor choices.
"You do not love us anymore. You've dismissed our brotherhood and looked at my numbers of life as merchandise to exploit for your own perceived salvation and enrichment. You want to rule my creation in my stead - to be Yahaveh The Most High"
"I know, but I can't change. Is possible I was constructed this way?"
"No. This was something you conjured independently of your construction."
Luciah paused and then postulated, "Isn't that what freewill is?
"Yes, it was your freewill choice to rebel. But we created you in perfection without spot."
"What will you do with us?"
The One ignored the 'us.' "You cannot live in my house with rebellion in your heart. You have done much damage to our civilization. What were you thinking - did you ever count the cost? You turned your back on us without a second thought as if the all our backward eternities were meaningless."
"Then I ask again, what will become of me? Will my eternities end right now?" Luciah's heart was pounding hard within his chest as the flies of butter raged riotously, vibrating the very bedrocks of his soul.
The One sighed. "What does a master do with a dog that bites him every time he walks into his own house?"
Luciah said nothing. The One continued almost tenderly. It was a complete contradiction to the inconceivable rage he sensed from the Zoon surrounding him.
"You were scared I would sentence you to death because of your failure to repent. I knew you tried to repent. And I was aware of the internal struggle you faced and lost within yourself. I saw your tears before you went into the Sides of the North. You ignored the sign of warnings we sent - the circle of life stampede of death. But you hatched within yourself an insidious plan to ensure your own survival apart from us. Did you really believe you could do it apart from us? You forgot the first immutable truth existing from the beginning of all construction; there is no life without The One. Your fear of death caused you to trap other numbers of life, falsely thinking it would make it harder for me to act. Luciah, do you know anything too hard for me?
"No Lord."
"You should have come to me. Even I don't know the outcome. It wouldn't have been as bad as this, if you didn't involve over two billion of my brothers."
"I was flawed," Luciah shouted angrily. A tear fell. "You wouldn't have accepted me back!"
The One spoke softly, almost sadly. "Oh stupid Luciah, you are like a fish ignorantly denying the existence of the great expanses of land, and the effects it has on its environment. Ten thousand generations of fish will still bite the hook because they are unaware of any other existence but the water. They deny the land refusing to understand the shore, which is provided as a sign for their benefit. For only through faith is the land truly known, for because of the waters they cannot see the land. Do you believe your own secularism that ignores the obvious shore? Tell me, what do you know about your eternities? If you didn't do these deeds and talked to me honestly without involving my children and grand public spectacles, you think you would be where you are now? What is the price of the meldings you received? Do you think everything experienced or seen is the sum of all? Do you think everything can be numbered or rationalized in your fish mind? Do you really believe the remedy for betrayal lies within you? If you do, you are like the fish in the water not knowing the power of the land. The One is the land you callously dismissed, denied, and minimized."
Luciah struggled to find another feasible angle. This was not working out right. "Can I leave this planet, go to some far reaches of your universe, and still live? I promise you, you will never see my face again."
"Where will you live away from me when your every breath is a condition of my will? I have seen your plans and private designs. Did you really think I would allow this to continue?"
Luciah ignored the question, hating himself for showing weakness in front of all Heaven. He desperately tried to leverage himself in a greater position of strength. "You have constructed billions of universes, there has to be at least one a place for me." He swallowed hard remembering the brotherhood, reluctantly saying, "I mean us."
The One shook his head slowly. "The vast universes and eternities I have constructed are my house. What do you do with a vicious dog that is living in your house that repeatedly bites, attacks, destroys your most precious possessions, and you can't get away from? Tell me what you would do. Can the audacity of hope exist? I cannot get away from you and you cannot get away from me. What is the alternative? Tell The One, The Adonai, El Shaddai, El Elyon, The Holy One, The Ancient of Days, The Elohim, and Yahaveh The Most High, what he should do about this growling biting dog. I am fair. I am waiting Luciah."
Luciah trembled violently - he knew the answer but was absolutely terrified to say it. This was a disaster. There was no choice but to answer the question.
"Kill the dog."
The One continued, "I sense complete honesty in you. But from your own mouth, you have passed your judgment. And now this day, this hour, in front of all these witnesses I sentence you to death. We evict you from Yahusalem and The Great House of The One, because you have turned those, my possessions who I love, unjustly against their Creator and Father. And you did this with eyes wide open unbelieving in a final tomorrow."
"What about the others - it would be unfair to not sentence them to death too." Luciah hated himself for saying that but was unable to stop himself.
"You are correct," The One agreed. "The numbers of life who followed you will be judged and sentenced but not in this universe."
Another tear fell. "So I will die never knowing if you kept your word. Is that fair?" He felt bolder; there was nothing worse that could happen now.
"You will not die in this universe either. And you will see I will keep my word for you will be the last to taste death. And you will know by the preponderance of the evidence The One has kept his word. For you will not die until I have heard from your own lips I have kept this covenant I have made, in front of these millions of witnesses standing in my Throne Room, today."
"Thank you Father." The flies of butter raging within abated in intensity. He felt nothing but overwhelming gratitude; he would not die today. He wondered for an instant what not in this universe meant, but he dared not ask.
"You will help purify and reclaim the numbers of life you have taken without respect, so viciously from us. Thus, I give you the keys of death so you have the tools to reclaim to me what you have taken."
A holographic set of three keys, representing the trinity of death floated above one of the beast's head. Hundreds of eyes closed tightly as the glowing keys rotated slowly and solidified in the air.
"Take them," Yahaveh commanded. Luciah took the keys and held them. They flashed and disappeared into his hand, into his body, traveling into his heart and fusing within.
The One glowed brightly and continued. "And because you have done this abdominal thing to our civilization no one will ever remember your real name, for you have broken the heart of The One. I will give you new names reeking of the dishonor you richly deserve. I personally named every numbers of life, and in the next universe, your given name will never pass your lips. This is the command of The One.
"I take the names I gave you in love back, for I have not liked your ways. You will forever be known as Lucifer, The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, The Devil, The Evil One, Satan, The Snake, Abaddon, The Accuser, The Roaring Lion, The Adversary, Apollyon, Beelzebub, Belial, Baal, and The Dragon. You will be The Box Cedar, King of Tyrus, King of Babylon, The Lord of the Flies, The Prince of the Fishbowl Universe, The Bad Fig, The Little Horn, The Serpent, The Tempter, The Enemy, The Father of Lies, The Morning Star, and the Prince of the Air. For you are now and forever, The Man of Sin, The Desolator, The Destroyer, The Son of Perdition, The Wicked One, and Death.
"Everything you did in your life is now emptiness. There will be no remembrance of you - it will be as if you never breathed or existed. The memories of the just is wisdom; therefore, none will shed one tear in remembrance of you. There will be no tears, sorrow, or pain in our last universe, which this day I swear you will never see. You and all that follow you will die in the past, die in the present, and die in the future. This is the trinity of eternal death. No one will ever say the name Luciah or remember you or your brotherhood.
"I will turn you into ashes from within to without, and you will exist no more. And your soulless shell will be thrown into the lake of fire prepared especially for you. The Righteous will witness it before I wipe all their memories of you away. And all you think you have or will accomplish will fall into the dust, for you will have functionally never existed. Only The One will remember Luciah, the bearer of the false light. It is your destiny Luciah to be nobody, not thought of for all the eternities. You are less to me now than the specks of dust traveling between the universes. You and all like you are fools to believe you could parley with The One without love in your hearts.
"Everything you have ever done either good or bad have been for naught. Your glaring error was you tried to out think me and deny my grace of restoration and recovery. You should have trusted your Creator. It never entered your mind that surrendering is victory. You had eternal life at your first summons still in your grasp, and you threw it all away. You are a fool. You didn't stop to realize that the backward eternities of your life are less than a microscopic drop. You and the souls following you shall be cursed until the day I take what in love I gave them - the very breaths they breathe."
The Zoon began to shed tears. They snapped their heads back with thick black smoke massing from their pores, screaming insanely at ear splitting volume. The sound reverberated throughout the massive room as millions spontaneously fell into shock, senses overwhelmed by the true meaning of what just happened. For though all knew he was willfully aberrant and evil - he was still family. He was the living dead now. It was an impossible concept to grasp, accept, or understand.
During the chaos in the Throne Room, the seal of The One on Luciah's forehead disappeared as well as Yahaveh's name written on his inner thigh. Everything he thought he accomplished was just a façade - self-inflicted self-destruction. He was irreversibly cursed and that knowledge increased his rage. And through this black irrational anger, Luciah knew there was no one to blame but himself. But it did not negate his overwhelming anger or his vow to get back at The One. He swore within himself all the numbers of life would die with him. And with that last thought still burning in his mind, Yahshua who never said a word to Luciah during this whole process, snapped his fingers. Luciah vanished from The Throne Room in a flash of light still violently seething inside.
And throughout the home world to those traveling in the far distant universes, the news of Luciah's judgment traveled like wild fire through the three Continuums. A new name for Yahaveh, who did this to Luciah, was birthed that day by the major media - God Almighty. It was spinned to be synonymous of unbridled unfair sovereign power. For in him was absolute power - power of life, and a new concept never known within the numbers of life construction until now, death.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
28th Feb 2013 (#)

Wow ! Wow ! Wow ! I have read the fall of Satan in Isaiah , and have believed it to be totally true , but you bring it to light in an amazing way Twe.
God bless you .

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author avatar Inajah Ghaskin
30th Jul 2018 (#)

Unbelievable!!! Never read anything like this. Great read!

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