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It seems strange that we put so much stock in something we have no control over or no say in; race.

Can't I just be whatever colour I want?

 Let's take you back. You may not want to do this if your life is exactly - or near as could be - where you want it to be. If that's the case, I applaud your luck and application. I am happy for your life.
  If it is not, which, in these times of perennial want and financial lack, is a common feeling, you may want to take this chance - it is your 'It's A Wonderful Life' opportunity - to rectify, or change all together, aspects of your life that did not work out or turn out as you might have hoped or expected.
 If we are going to do this, let's do it right; we'll start with your parents. Would you keep them? Come, come now, there is no need to be coy. I am sure you love your parents. They brought you up, made sure you were safe and fed, taught you right from wrong, I'm sure they were good people.
Could they have been better? What if they had been richer? Better looking? Taller? Shorter? More active? Be brave, we all see aspects of our parents’ personality in ourselves. Some traits we like, others, not so much.
  Moving on. How about when you were a toddler? Do you wish you had mixed with a more affluent crowd? After all, good breeding, habits, are formed early. Would not an intrinsic belief in yourself, have been beneficial from the get go?
  A few more years down the line, you are in the local comprehensive. Oh no, this will not do! Change that definitely. A good prep school is what you want to kick off with. Followed by, if not a private school, at least a good school, a school where the teachers are teaching, as opposed to trying to survive.
 Do you think that would have set you up for life? Put you in a healthy position maybe, able to seek out many more, better, options perhaps.
 A harder question. Back at the beginning, before you knew anything of life, anything at all. You get given a choice to be any race. Which would you pick? Tough question. Very tough question, especially now that you have built up memories and prejudices, guilts and boundaries.
  It is okay, you don't have to say it out loud. You know your answer.
  For most of the things that went before, you have some control or choice. Not your parents or your genetic make up, but affecting your station in life, improving your lot, is something you can do at any time. It will not change your past, your memories, but it can affect and improve your life, if that is what you want. It is a decision you can make.
  Like who your parents or relatives are and your genetic make up, you cannot decide what colour you are. That is something you learn about as you grow up, the meaning associated with whatever hue you happen to have been born with.
  A video presently causing offense and consternation on the net, shows a British woman, her young son in her lap, aggressively lamenting the state of 'her' country. She does not like any non-English people. They are wrecking the country she says. I have articulated it more pleasantly than she did.
  The woman, in her early thirties, dark haired and pale of skin, caucasian, is vocally, vociferously proud of her Englishness. She has been named as Emma West, a very English name, but from the look of her, I doubt her lineage is entirely English. Even if it is - and bully for her if it is - what has it got to do with her? It is a fallacy to think that just by virtue of where you popped out, you are automatically more 'English' than everyone else. She has been prosecuted for her inappropriate rant, a pointless exercise in political correctness. The telling off by the state she has received, will not in anyway alter her outlook on life; on her ‘England”.
 Like a lot of people, my parents are not British by birth. I am, as are many others like me. Does that mean I am not English? Should we go 'home' - wherever 'home' is?
 The really sad thing is, this woman could probably not be swayed by any argument, rational or otherwise. She looks and sees others have messed up 'her' country and never stopped to think, the problems in her life are probably staring at her everyday, when she looks in the mirror.


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