The ­Magic Candle

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Once upon a time, in a mighty kingdom, there lived a soldier called Mark. Mark was a brave man and had risked his life a thousand times on the field of battle in defence of his king.

The ­Magic Candle

Once upon a time, in a mighty kingdom, there lived a soldier called Mark. Mark was a brave man and had risked his life a thousand times on the field of battle in defence of his king.
One day, when the king was passing in procession with all his grand courtiers, Mark stepped forward; He bowed low.
'Sire,' he said, 'I have fought for your majesty for many years, but now, I haven't even enough to live on. Could I dare hope that you would give me a modest pension?'
The king was furious at being bothered. 'How dare you be so impertinent,' he shouted.
'Get out of the way or I will have you beaten and put into prison.'

The soldier went back to his poor room, stripped his uniform from his back, took up his trusty sword and set out to find his fortune on the open road.
After tramping for many weary hours, the soldier came to a dark wood and in the wood he saw a hovel. It was the home of a witch.
The witch said she would give Mark shelter for the night if he would descend a deep well and fetch for her a candle which burned with a blue light. Mark agreed and he got into a large basket which the witch lowered down the well by means of a rope. Mark found the candle and the witch started to pull him up again. However the witch was planning to trick Mark.
'Pass up the candle to me,' she weedled, 'and then I will pull you the rest of the way , up.
But Mark was as cunning as she was. 'How do I know that you will pull me up?' he asked. 'After I have given you the candle you will not need me any more.'
The witch flew into a rage and let go of the rope. 'Think it over at the bottom of the well,' she shouted.
Fortunately Mark was not hurt and to calm his mind he started to smoke his pipe which. he lit from the candle. No sooner had he lit the pipe than a little black goblin appeared before him.
'Your word is my command,' the goblin said.
Mark was astonished, but quickly said: 'Get me out of this place.'
The goblin not only whisked Mark and the candle from the well, but supplied him with treasure and a fine house in which to live.
'If you need anything, just light your pipe from the candle and I shall appear,' he said.
Mark enjoyed a fine life for a while, but then he remembered the shabby way in which the king had treated him. He lit his pipe at the blue flame of the magic candle and said to the goblin: 'Fetch me the king's daughter.'
When the unfortunate girl appeared in his house, Mark made her work as a servant for

a day, then sent her back to the palace.'
The king 'was furious and when his daught­er told him she had left one of her silk slippers under a cupboard in the strange house, he sent his soldiers to search until they found it.
Mark was captured and condemned to death, but he asked for a last request, which was of course to smoke his pipe, which he lit from the candle.
When the goblin appeared, Mark ordered him to take up a cudgel and beat the guards and even the king himself. This soon made the king see things in a different light. He pardoned Mark, gave him his daughter in marriage and became a good and patient man.
And the goblin?
Well, he continued to be a good friend to the soldier and his wife and brought them all they ever needed to make their lives happy.


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2nd Jan 2011 (#)

And they all lived happily ever after. Those are the best endings I have to admit.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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