The 3 Requisites - The Coveted Tri-feta

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TRI-FETA - Those Coveted Trifetas will never know where they are in the totem pole of the gay community. Most gays will keep them in the dark until its too late. Once Time has taken its toll, the Coveted will still have the other two requisites. That is if they invested right and stop abusing their bodies.

Lost Youth

When they lose their Youth and turn 21 they’re almost shunned aside. His only resources now are his body and money. If he loses those 2, he will join the ranks of the Walking Dead. This is the most dramatic lose a person can take. They now have to rely on their skills. No more puppy eyes Twinks or Boy Toys, now they are becoming Men with no youth.

Lost Body

The Coveted Trifectas have lost their youth and now their losing their body. What know? Drugs, eating binges, and list go on how they lost their body. Its nature, when you hit puberty you develop into men. Its different in 2010’s from the 1980’s, an 18-year-old back then looked like an 18-year-old boy who is still developing into a man. Now 16 year olds can get into a nightclub without being carded because they look like MEN. Walk around the mall and the only way you can distinguish a kid from a man is their behavior. That has not changed; they were immature then as much as they are immature now. Now it is time to stretch that dollar they have saved up.

Lost Money

Most Tri-fectas are spoilt brats that have money from their parents who do not care much for their kids. Others are lucky enough to have inherited the money from a long lost uncle or grandfather. Some made millions accusing their priest and had to move to a city because of the shame of suing a priest. The only thing they can rely on now is their Body that is if they still have it. Those Coveted Trifectas can if not careful become the Walking Dead, old, fat, and broke.


Have you noticed that when you read gay fiction or gay romance the freaking young guy is one of the Coveted Trifectas? Come on, please people, write about how the struggle without one of the requisites. It would make your story that much more believable and strong.


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