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Walking Dead - Gays beware, be afraid, and be healthy. If you do not have any of the three requisites, you will be one of the many Walking Dead. You do not want that, it is depressing.

The 3 Requisites

I am now at the age where I can enjoy my life without being worried about the three requisites. I am no longer young. I have lived a full life. I am no longer fit and toned, though I am comfortable with my body. I am also not rich. At least not with money. I am rich with a growing family, new friends, great writing opportunities, and above all my mental health.


I lost my youth over two decades ago. I have lived a very healthy and fulfilling life. One that I am certainly going to write a memoir, so keep posted and you will read about my experience taking advantage of the three requisites. I did enjoy my youth to the max. I worked my body like no other. I did see how my peers abused their youth and now are no longer here with me. Today, I may be the walking dead, but that is okay. I do not need the Gay Community judging me for being old. I do however have a lot of fun with those twenty five year old Twinks and Boy Toys that are looking for their father figure. Go figure, I went from a Twink to a Sugar Daddy (a broke Sugar Daddy).


Over the past few years, my body has been going through some major changes. I am making old man noises. I hear sounds I have never heard before. I hurt where I did not even know I had muscles, bones, or organs. I am losing my body and not caring. I do take care of it. I excursive and I are one of the Walking Dead. I do not have the body of those 45-year-old movie stars that have a trainer and a chef at their disposal. I am happy.


I worked in many positions over my life span. Many with good money. Some of them in very highly paid positions with secretary and all of that. There were some jobs where I made less than minimum wage, and yes when I had the money. Life is great with money and without money. It is what you make of it. Besides, now that I have less money, I have Boy Toys to worry about. I actually had a conversation with a twink who told me that he is straight and wanted to jump the fence because The Gays have money. Boy was he wrong and was he was mad when I told him that he was acting like a Boy Toy.

The Walking Dead

I have aged into the Walking Dead. Or Gay Death of the Gay Community. I have none of the 3 requisites. And I am okay with that. I do not walk alone on this lonely earth as one of the many Walking Dead. I am friends with many of the Gay Death community. You are welcome to join us. When you write about us makes sure you emphasize that we are happy as clams and do not want any of the drama. We are not Drama Queens. Sadly enough those of the Gay Death community try so hard to get their Youth back by getting plastic surgery, and dress three decades younger than they should. I mean, really? The rug on their heads keep falling off.

Returning to the Gay Community

Sadly enough those of the Gay Death community try so hard to get their Youth back by getting plastic surgery, and dress three decades younger than they should. I mean, really? The rug on their heads keep falling off. Or they die their gray hair black. They are so broke that they move to small one bedroom apartments, max out their credit cards and pretend to be a Sugar Daddy.

When writing The Gay Death

Have respect. They are not all perverts and pedophiles. Far from it. They didn't know how to live their lives. No one does until its too late. Some are lucky and have on the three requisites and are happy. Those of the Walking Dead are the unlucky one if they don't accept it. Those that do accept it, live happy with their husbands, have adopted kids, and live within their means.


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11th Apr 2014 (#)

great! and life is like that....

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