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A short story about a missile control center being hacked and America being in danger of getting completely destroyed.

The AA

David was 20 years old and came from a place where not so many people live, Alaska. He lives there, and works there. His dad has a secret missile control center for the US army. In total 1506 people work at the control center. It is mainly underground with 38 satellite dishes, one small control dome and 15 guard towers. Soon he will have to take over because his dad days might soon be over. He smoked for 36 years and now he has lung cancer.

Their system reports a problem. The server has been hacked by the AA. All they know about them is their name, that’s all they could dig up. But they’re working on it; hopefully more information will come in the next few days. They reprogrammed the system to fire a whole swarm of missiles at America. Now they will have one week to fix the server, or it will be the end of America. Some parts of America were already evacuated.

Now it is time for something to be done, America’s future is in their hands and billions of people will no longer live, if they can’t do anything about it.

David was looking through his year book from when he was in year seven. Then one of the pictures reminded him of his old friend, Paul. Paul is about the same age as David and le lives in England. He is an expert with computers, especially ones controlling large systems. He tells his dad about it and he somehow managed to get Paul’s telephone number. David calls him. “Hello?” said a voice on the other side of the line. “Hello,” said David, “are you Paul?”

“Yes, that’s me. Who are you?” said the voice. “I’m David, do you remember me? A long time ago from year seven?” he answered. “Oh! That David! How you doing?” said Paul. “Sorry, but I don’t have a long time to talk, this is a serious thing. I need you to come to my dads control center. Do you remember? The one I told you about in school?” said David. There was a short pause. “What!? You want me to come to Alaska?” exclaimed Paul. “Yes, Alaska. The server of the control center has been hacked by the AA! We need your help! The whole of America needs your help!” explained David, “Please take the next flight, I’ll pay for the ticket,” continued David. “Alright then” he replied.

After two days Paul finally arrived. Now they only have five days left. “So what exactly happened?” asked Paul. “Let’s go to the control center first and I’ll explain it to you there,” replied David. They went to the control center without doing anything first, not even getting something to drink. They spent the rest of the day, and the next day in there. They ate and slept in there, occasionally coming out to go to the bathroom.

Two more days passed without any success. “Any results?” asked David. “No, the system still won’t let me in. I think it’s too late,” replied Paul tiredly, “The missiles are going to be fired tonight at 6pm,” he added. “But there must be something we can do!” exclaimed David.

At about 5.30pm they still sat there, completely drained, without anymore ideas. They hardly slept for the past five days, so it was even less likely that they can do anything about it because they were both already half asleep. At 5.55pm they were sleeping. Then, one minute to 6, Paul woke up so suddenly as if he was slapped with an unimaginable amount of force. He had an idea, he got it from the

dream he just had. He took out his laptop and connected it to the main control computer. Then he opened the internet browser, typed something into the address bar and suddenly something started downloading. It was a virus. When the download finished, he transferred the virus to the main control computer and activated it. Almost at once the screen turned black and red text appeared in the middle of the screen. ‘SYSTEM FAILED’. Then after about ten seconds the screen turned completely black. The virus has destroyed the system. “America is going to live on!!!!” he shouted.

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9th Oct 2011 (#)

Great article. Reading a piece like this makes me feel lucky to be part of this community. Keep up with the good work.

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