The Actor of the dark

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In the deepest darkness with the freezing coldness he walks towards her with a knife. His role is unidentified. Is he a protector or is he a destructor??. He looks into those eyes those eyes which reminds him of his past and drives his future and takes out the knife. Who is he?? Who was he?? Who will be he???

The present life of the past

It was a very cold night!.I could feel the cold freezing my skin making me less sensitive. Then I walked through the narrow paths of the old broken house. The walls are tainted with dirt and some with the art of the homeless. I walked deep into it. My eyes scavenged through the walls,windows and everywhere i could find nothing but blinding darkness. The knife in my hands was too searching for the place for it to kiss and fulfil its purpose. The knife is crying out of despair,perhaps it craves some red paint on it. Then my eyes saw the beauty my eyes were looking for, hiding perhaps under the window panel, under an old table, under the hold of darkness those two deep black eyes looked up at me with despair, perhaps it is horror. I reached to her pulled her up. And slowly placed my knife on her neck and slowly rubbed it on it as if it was a wet towel that is soothing her nerves with coldness. Suddenly something sharp hit on my head was it the snowball or a shovel I never knew.All of a sudden lights spread In all directions that accompanied with loud clap noices. Yes, I have completed my fifth movie's shooting procedure.

The woman with black eyes stood up,washed her off the make up and looked into my eyes with appreciation. I looked back into her eyes and found nothing but the admiration she is trying to give was so betraying ,perhaps she wants me to cast her in my next film too if there will ever be one. I washed off my make up and looked into the mirror in my traveling bus and found nothing but a face devoid of its life. One might wonder how did I became an actor if I have no expressions. But that is so natural because in all my movies I am the director and I am the story writer and I always is a serial killer who kills those women who were abandoned by their loved ones pretty gruesome does it sounds.

But none know why I choose to be a serial killer. None looked into my history. None looked into my life which had no make ups or spotlights. No one looked into my kids eyes who too craved for a little sympathy when I cut throat them. No one looked into the eyes of my beloved wife which had never looked into my eyes without love begging for me to retreat.

Then in the wake of light I realised that the alcohol no longer freezes my brain like it had on the day I became a father with no children and a husband with no wife . Now after 25 years i am still alive acting in films the role which I have acted out in my life 25 years ago.

Now one might doubt why haven't I been put into prison that is a very reasonable question. The answer is so simple my wife was an orphan. When the one who should protect her did kill her what can law do to help?. When among the 7 billion people no one except me knows her presence or her love. When i didnt feel her absence or rather shows it how could the law know her absence?.When i am the culprit and i am the protector she is but just a myth.
Now who am I??, I am an actor who is well known because he is the most natural serial killer in the screen and why is that? ,now you know it don't you?.

In the nights when I dream of my family I think of that day in which my alcohol driven body ruined the life of a love craving love giving family,my family. I am no longer a drunkard but instead a sociopath.A sociopath who shows himself in the dark cells of his brain. The alcohol in the past driven my brain now it drives my heart. The movies I act are just to re-enact that gruesome moment of my life so that I can repent it. I wish now that someone could have hit my head with a shovel then and then that could only have made my family survive.

The alcohol that destroyed everything I had is now destroying my body and I wish it had speeden up.


Action, Affection, Alcohol Abuse, Alone, Anger, Love, Mystery, Short Story, Suspense, Tragedy

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My name is Adil Shereef. I come from India and I study B.A LITERATURE. I really like writing stories and poems that deals with the life around and that involves suspense.

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