The Advantages of Being a Writer

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As with any other careers in life, the writing career has its ups and downs, as well. However, as someone who is passionate about writing, I firmly believe that writing career gives you more rewarding opportunities.

The Advantages of Being a Writer

The Advantages of Being a Writer

What are the advantages of being a writer? I will talk about them in detail. Writing always has its benefits. Good writers can create value, security, confidence, and friendship in readers.

At every writing opportunity, creative writers try to make readers more knowledgeable about everything in life. They are well prepared to perform a massive research of the subject matter before they start writing. From there on, they create an outline, and then they will get busy writing as if their very existence depends on it.

Let us face it. We live in a constantly changing time. Take carpentry, for instance. What the old carpentry experts already knew about carpentry, might not work well for you now. That is if you are taking the contemporary modern carpentry in a technical school. That proves why it is crucial to have the updated and the right information at hand way before you start planning to engage in any tasks in life. There is a writer behind any written information.

There are writers who can write about the compound facts in a clear, crisp and engaging way. It is like somehow they know how to tap into your subconscious mind and connect with you on a deeper level of understanding. The crafty ones do not have to use jargons to get their points across. How does that create confidence? Whenever you are about to learn a new skill, you first have to read about it. At that point, you are building up confidence that prepares you for the task.

Think back to the time when you first read a very entertaining story. How did your first storybook make you feel? Chances are that it certainly felt like that you were going through all difficulties of the story right along with the writer. The author took you on an adventurous journey knowing that you loved to be a part of it. The author made a new friend who was you. I felt that when I read "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain. I loved reading that book. Mark has always been my best friend. Over the years, I always have had uppermost respect for Mr. Mark Twain and all other incredible writers who try their best to come up with solid stories.

A good story brings joy and happiness to any reader. It is the main reason we choose to spend time reading. As someone who enjoys writing, I believe it is paramount to create a bond with your readers. The most effective way to achieve such a task would be to write in a way that anyone could understand. Write in a clear style and pay attention to all details of your writing. Good writing features include proper grammar, punctuations, spelling, sentence structure and staying away from jargons and wordiness as much as possible.
After all, writing and reading an entertaining story could stay in your mind long after you finish it.


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