The Adventures of Officer Will I. Ketchum-How Does Will Do It?!

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How Officer Ketchum kept busy on night shifts. The methods he employed.


I guarantee you that if you look suspicious and officer Ketchum sees you that he will find a legal excuse to pull you over. Is profiling ever involved? Of course!
Three black men driving through Anywhere, USA's town square in a Cadillac on a Friday afternoon are inherently suspicious. Especially when a broadcast has just gone out over the intercity radio that three black men had just committed a, B&E in the town next door. They were seen leaving the scene of the crime, in a large light-colored sedan. Will observed a dark-colored Cadillac with three black men in it, traveling west on the main drag headed towards the next town. Will was on foot in the square at the time. He radioed what he'd observed to headquarters. Other units soon pulled the suspect vehicle over as it was about to pass over the town line. These were the guys wanted by Anywhere USA's neighbor. Will was decorated for his diligence with a departmental commendation.

Probable cause

Will worked a walking beat until he was finally assigned to cruiser patrol. The streets late at night were generally deserted so that if you crossed Wills path he would definitely notice you. Will adopted the habit of following late-night travelers rather than sitting on the side of the road and waiting for a criminal to come along.
No matter how careful a driver you may be, you will sooner or later commit an infraction that gives Will probable cause to pull you over. That's how Will was able to catch so many drunk drivers. He just followed them.
Will has spoken to officers who currently serve. They insist that there just aren't that many drunk drivers out there anymore. Spend an hour in any local bar observing the patrons and I dare you to honestly tell me that when they leave they are sober! Three drinks in one hour and you are over the limit! The cops who deny the presence of drunk drivers on the roads today just don't know how to catch them.


Officer Ketchum once observed a vehicle coming towards him at 2:00 A.M. The left front tire of the car touched the double solid line on the middle of the street and Will saw that the vehicle was full of juveniles as it passed him going in the opposite direction. Will began to turn to follow the car when it suddenly took a right onto a side street. Will, knowing the area well knew that the side street was in fact a large U-shaped street that eventually led back onto the street that he was on. There were several other side streets, which led into the U from the main drag, and only one street exiting at the back of the U. Will chose to enter the U-shaped street at its other end. He stepped on it and arrived at the back of the U just as the suspect vehicle was coming towards him. The driver of this vehicle must've been startled to see Will's cruiser because he lost control of his vehicle and ended up in a snow bank. No one was hurt and Will arrested all four of the occupants for being minors in possession of alcohol. The car was full of beer. Later, all were found guilty in court.

The one that got away

On another occasion, late at night, Will observed a car coming towards him on a small side street. As it passed, Will observed several juveniles occupying it. Not recognizing the car as being local Will turned to follow. As soon as Will began to turn the other car took off at a high rate of speed. It took a right onto the main drag, and accelerated. The last that Will saw of the car, was as it sped up a hill into a residential area. They'd lost him! But, no crimes were reported in the town that night.

The Academy Award goes to...

Will was patrolling a main drag in town when he observed a vehicle coming towards him run a red light. There was no other traffic, it being 3:00 A.M. As the offender passed him going in the opposite direction Will turned to follow. The other vehicle quickly accelerated and disappeared. Will continue to turn and attempted to pursue the other vehicle but, it was gone. Will never even got the chance to tell headquarters that he was in a pursuit. Continuing up the street Will was soon radioed by headquarters that there was an accident reported on a side street that just happened to be off of the main drag where Will was located at the moment. Will arrived on the scene in less than 60 seconds. Upon arrival he recognized the vehicle, which was now wrapped around a tree. There was no one in sight. Upon investigation Will found two stars on the broken windshield. One was over the driver's side and the other was over the passenger's side. This indicated to Will that both occupants had struck their heads on the windshield. Will found a wallet on the front seat and determined that it belonged to the owner of the car. He was a local resident who lived in another part of the town. Will had the car towed away from the scene but never did find who had been in it. When he went to the owners residence at approximately 7:00 A.M. he was greeted at the door by the suspected operator. This man claimed ignorance of the accident. He told Will that his car had been stolen last night at a nightclub in a neighboring town. He had not reported the theft. Will noticed that this man had a substantial cut on the bridge of his nose and that he was clearly hung over. Will asked him about it and he replied that he'd gotten it shaving. Will charged him with a red light violation, failure to stop for a police officer and leaving the scene of a personal injury accident. Will obtained the identity of the man's date from the previous night. He was unable to even get in touch with her. Before this case went to court Will discovered that this guy had a motor vehicle record as long as both of Wills arms. He'd been convicted of drunk driving three times previously.
On the day of the trial Will was confronted by a former classmate from high school in the lobby of the courthouse. Will knew this classmate well and respected him. He pleaded with Will to let this man go. They were friends. Will had to deny the request. Then Will was assured that he had made the right decision.
The suspect put on a show in the halls of justice that day. He approached Will outside of the courtroom just before the trial and loudly accused him of persecuting him. He just went on and on. Will told him that he should be given the Academy Award for his performance. In front of the judge he was convicted on all counts. His license was revoked and he was given a stiff fine. He got lucky though and didn't have serve any time.

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Hmmm...just curious...are three white men driving through the town square of Anytown, USA on a Friday afternoon suspicious to Will, and if not, doesn't that make him out-and-out racist?

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No more racist than the residents of Harlem seeing 3 white men in a Lincoln drive through their neighborhood.

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thanks for sharing my friend

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